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Chapter 262 – Girl, and boy and knight – Part one

The people that came from Migha are very restricted as far as what they can do and where they can go.

People in this village have very mixed feelings about the knights from Migha.

I have some mixed feelings too.

The knights haven’t complained about it even once.

I think they understand how we feel.

They are gathered in one place and are not free, but they accept it like it’s natural.

“Is it really all right, for them to not be free”

“Lerunda, I think they also understand what they have done.

Even if they didn’t agree with it, they still carried out those orders.

A lot of people think they are not responsible for anything if they are just doing what they are told, but I think the knights here are facing what they have done without shying away from it.

I have some mixed feelings about them as well.

I even feel angry when I think about what they did to Mister Athos and Nirushi and his people, but I think it’s possible for us to live alongside them.

We can’t resent people that understand what they did and are trying to make up for it forever.

…Having that said, it’s still a difficult issue.

I think this is a matter that needs time to resolve itself, and we can’t force people to change how they feel.

We could try to bring them closer together little by little but… There’s also the possibility that something bad might happen if it doesn’t go well.”

Says Miss Lan.

They caused a lot of trouble to people that are important to us, and are the cause of Mister Athos’ death.

Looking at it this way, they’re definitely our enemies, and people we should hate.

But they also saved slaves and brought them all the way here.

Relations between people really are complicated.

It would be great if everyone could get along, but that’s hard.

Miss Lan says she wants to bring them closer together little by little.

“Since we are low on manpower, we should probably have them work for the village rather than doing nothing.

We have the store but… That wouldn’t be enough.

Since they are knights, they should be good with swords, so I was thinking about having them teach the villagers how to use them.”

“Use swords”


People in this village have very good physical capabilities, but they have never trained with a sword.

Knights on the other hand have to learn how to fight.”

“…Are you sure, that’s a good idea”

“I do have some reservations, but I intend to plan things carefully before I do anything.

The knights from Migha did threaten people’s livelihoods and plunged people into despair, but they are not here as knights of Migha, and they want to live as just people, individuals.

I also don’t believe they would point their swords at us.

I think it’s important to make beast people understand this by interacting with them.”

Miss Lan wants to formulate a plan and put it into action.

“Lerunda, when the time comes, I could use your help.”

“I can help”

“Yes, you sure can.

But it could turn into something bad, so I want you to understand that before you accept.”


It could turn into a fight, between the knights and everyone else…”

“Yes, exactly.

We never know when people’s emotions towards the knights might explode.”

Says Miss Lan with a serious look on her face.

I understand what she means.

I really like everyone here, but that doesn’t mean I completely understand them.

The knights have been here for a few months, and they’ve never complained or started any trouble.

They’re also restricted as far as what they can do and where they can go, so there hasn’t been conflict between them and beast people.

But there’s always a good chance that it could happen.

“…I’ll help.

I want to help everyone.”

“I see.

Then… When the time comes, please help me along with the beasts contracted to you.”

“Yes, of course.”

A few weeks pass after we have this conversation, and eventually Miss Lan tells me everything’s ready.

I go to the square, and see Gaius.

And even though he’s surrounded by beast people and Phyto’s people, a knight named Sadnid has a bold look on his face.

Girl, and boy and knight – Part one

(The miko talks with the educator about the knights, and they take action to bring them closer to the villagers.)


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