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Chapter 251 – Girl and wings – Part one

“Those wings are so pretty.


“Miss Lan, you look like, you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Well I am.

You show me so many new things.”

After returning home with Miss Lan, she kept asking me to create the wings with magic energy again.

I’m standing in front of a mirror, looking at my white wings.

It feels weird.

I wished to fly freely through the sky, and these wings were created.

I don’t actually have wings or anything like that, but when I try to move these, they do.

These are only to help me fly, so it’s all right even if I don’t flap them, but maybe I can do more if I do.

Still, since they are made of magic energy, they spend a lot of it.

I don’t think I’ll be able to use them for a long time without stopping, at least not for now.

And I still don’t know exactly how many things I can do with them.

“Tell me how they feel to use.

I want to take notes of everything about you.”

“Yes, I’ll tell you.”

“I want to make a new picture book too, and a compilation aimed more for adults.

Also, the idea hasn’t materialized yet, but I have plans to make a school, and I want to have textbooks ready for when the time comes.

But before that can happen, this place has to become more like a town or a country… I’m also still doing my research on miko and…”

Ah, Miss Lan went off into her own world again.

She really is unwavering when it comes to things she likes, but I like that about her.

I try moving the wings a little… But it’s surprisingly difficult to move them.

They’re connected via magic energy, so I’m moving magic energy to make it look like I’m flapping them.

They’re not part of my body like the winged people’s wings, so I guess it makes sense that it’s not easy.

Also, since I know the winged people and these are formed with magic, they look kind of like the wings on the winged people’s backs.

I guess that’s just the image that’s on my mind.


(The wings are great.)”

“Gururururuurururururu (Can I touch them)”

Say the little gryphons Rema and Ruma with a shine in their eyes.

They’re both bigger than they were when we met.

They’re going to get even bigger and become adults eventually.

“Yes, but not too hard.

If you scare me, I’ll deactivate the magic, without thinking.”






They’re fluffy.)”

I sit down, and Rema and Ruma get closer with their beaks and wings.

So they’re fluffy I haven’t touched them yet, so I reach back and try to touch my wings.

They’re a little fluffy.

I didn’t really try to make them fluffy, but I guess it’s just because that’s what I picture when I think of wings

It’s hard to touch them since they’re on my back, but they’re fluffy enough and feel nice.

Does making them fluffy spend more magic energy Suddenly I realize that I’ve spent a lot of magic energy, and make the wings disappear.

“Gurugururuuru (Are they gone)”

“For now, because I’m low, on magic energy.

These use magic energy, so I can’t hold them for a long time.”

I take a deep breath, and hug Ruma and Rema while still sitting down.

Miss Lan finally stops muttering and comes back.


I’m sorry Lerunda, Rema, and Ruma…”

“It’s all right.”

Miss Lan smiles gently.

“Lerunda, let’s continue investigating what those wings can do.

They are in and of themselves a great power.”


“You receive the influence of the sky god, so I believe you will eventually be able to fly even better.

How wonderful.

I don’t have anything that even comes close to this power, so it really does look tremendous.”

Miss Lan is sure that being influenced by the sky god means I’ll be able to fly even better.

“Miss Lan, if I can fly better, and I become bigger, I want to hold you, so you can fly with me.

That way, even if you can’t fly on your own, we can fly together.”

“Fufufu, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Yes, once you can fly better and grow big enough to carry me, please take me with you.”


I’ll do my best.

I want to see the scenery, from up there with you.”

I found a new goal.

Fly better and grow bigger.

That way I can fly with Miss Lan.

I’m still a kid, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it when I grow up.

I can’t wait to grow up.

—Girl and wings – Part one

(The miko dreams about carrying the educator with her and flying together.)


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