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Chapter 247 – Cat and a visitor

The rebellion in the kingdom of Migha continues as the slaves revolt and demand freedom.

But as this is happening, people put to work as slaves by humans are being treated very harshly.

As slaves fly the flag of rebellion, the treatment of the ones who are still captive worsens.

That’s why I want to work from the inside and help them.

Generally speaking, slaves tend to look like they have no life behind their eyes.

Like they’re trapped in a pit of despair and have completely given up.

The fact that I’m acting like this must be pretty rare.

To be honest, there are times when I feel discouraged too.

That seventh prince is missing, and I don’t even know if he’s still alive.

That leaves no one around me who actually knows what I’m doing.

I can’t let royalty and nobles know about my dangerous ideas.

As for the prince himself… I don’t think he’s dead.

I get the feeling that he’s alive and doing something.

Sometimes I feel like it would be easier if I just gave up, but I can’t.

There’s a rebel army, but they probably see me more like an enemy.

I’m liked by this lady, but I have a lot of enemies.

At least the fact that I saved her when I could have ran away means these people see me as a slave that won’t betray them.

“Fufu, you really have a pretty face Dasha.”

“Thank you.”

She’s complimenting my face as always.

I feel like she’s become more trusting after I saved her.

She might even be feeling something that resembles love.

We don’t have a physical relationship, but I can see that’s what she wants.

Honestly, if it came to that, she would probably lose her value as a noble.

If she loses her value as the daughter of a noble, I won’t be able to move around like this, so I can’t let her do that sort of thing no matter how much she wants it.

Even leaving that aside, I don’t want to do that with someone I don’t love.

I’m pretending I like her and playing nice to improve my own position, but every time I put on this little play I feel dirty.

Back when I was living peacefully in the village, I never thought I would one day live like this.

I still don’t even know what happened to my mother and my sister.

I just hope they’re still alive.

There is a revolt happening, but royalty and nobility have a lot of power.

Even as the rebels increase their numbers, and even if they do liberate slaves, the country still has the power to overwhelm them.

A country is a tremendous power.

To make matters worse, the king of Migha, someone who I’ve never met, is apparently a ruthless man who shows no mercy to those revolting.

So says the lady, who has actually met him once.

She says she was granted an audience with him one time, and also heard her parents talk about him.

“It’s so sad for you Dasha.

Having beast people just like you pointing their swords at us.

I’m sad too.

I’ve told my father that I can do a good job taking care of them, and to try not to kill them and bring them here instead.”

She says with a slight giggle.

She has no doubt that the country will beat the rebel army.

Nobles and royalty don’t think they are a big deal, and the lady also sees them as something that should be crushed, after the mansion was attacked.

…It would be a big problem for me if they were subjugated.

I’m so powerless, that I’m always struggling with what to do next.

I’ve come to know a few nobles thanks to the lady but… I’m always thinking about what else I can do to help beast people.

As I think about this, an unexpected visitor arrives.

It’s night, and I’m sleeping inside the mansion, when I hear a quiet knock.

This is the third floor, and I’m in a room close to the lady’s that has been refurbished to make sure I don’t escape.

I look towards the window, and much to my surprise, in front of it is a dragon person.

I manage to contain my voice.

I don’t want to yell in surprise and get this dragon person killed.

“Why are you here”

“Don’t be so tense, I’m not here to attack.

I’m here because I’m interested in you.”

Says the dragon person while looking directly at me.

And then he says…

“So, what exactly are you thinking”

And then I respond.

—Cat and a visitor

(The cat chooses not to run away and stays in the same place.

He works for his own goals while the lady shows romantic interest in him, and he receives a visit.)


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