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Chapter 246 – Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part five

Kayu, Shinomi, and I are very excited as we watch.

Obviously what we’re watching is Miss Shehan.

The little gryphons Ruma and Rumiha are here too.

I guess girls really are interested in stuff related to love.

It looks like they’re trying to hold back from going ‘guru’ so Miss Shehan doesn’t notice us.

It’s cute.

She looks kind of awkward, probably because she’s not used to walking around wearing a skirt.

This is a small village, so if someone’s doing something different it’s always going to draw attention.

Even the spirits are gathering to see what’s going on.

It’s only natural for Miss Shehan to be embarrassed with so many eyes turning her way.

I’d be surprised too if I was getting so much attention.

Mister Ilma can see spirits, so I think he’s also going to be surprised when he sees so many gathered in one place.

“She’s so cute.”

“A woman in love really is cute.”

Say Kayu and Shinomi.

Miss Shehan really does look cute as she waits for Mister Ilma.

Does everyone look this cute when they find someone they like Am I going to feel like that someday too Honestly, I’m less focused on that and more on how cute the gryphons are as they watch with us.

Maybe I really am still a kid.


Mister Ilma is here, but he’s looking less at Miss Shehan and more at all the spirits flying around.

Don’t look at them, look at Miss Shehan.

“Hum, Ilma…”

“Hi Shehan.

What is going on Why are so many spirits gathered here And why are you dressed like…”

“Hum, are there spirits here I can’t see them… And, hum… Does this look good”

“Eh Yes.

It does, doesn’t it It’s different than usual.”

“I-I see.”

We can hear them talking.

“That’s no good Mister Ilma.

No tact.

It’s fine that he told her it looks nice, but if a girl went out of her way to look cute, tell her she looks cute.

I can’t see spirits, but he still shouldn’t be looking at them instead of complimenting her.”

“Be quiet Kayu.

They’re going to hear you.

The spirits and Lerunda are very important to Mister Ilma, so it can’t be helped.”

“What’s going to happen…”

“Gurugurururu (What’s tact)”



We keep watching.

I can see more people looking too.

Miss Shehan is drawing attention because she never dresses like this.

“What is the matter, spirits Eh Shehan Me!”

It looks like some of the spirits are telling Mister Ilma how Miss Shehan feels.

I’m sure the spirits don’t really understand this sort of human feelings.

“Aaaah, hum, Ilma!! I like you Ilma! As a woman! So, hum, be my boyfriend!”

…It sounds like Miss Shehan is panicking because the spirits are revealing her secret.


I’m a bit surprised to see her telling him how she feels so suddenly.

Kayu looks like she’s about to go kyakya again, and Shinomi is closing her mouth with her hands.

I’m really nervous too as I wait to hear what Mister Ilma will say.

The whole idea was to have her dress in a cute way to draw his attention, so I really didn’t expect Miss Shehan to say how she feels so suddenly.

“Me I’ve never given much thought to that sort of thing, because I serve god and Miss Lerunda.”

“Hold on Mister Ilma! You can’t say that! A girl is trying so hard to tell you how she feels, so think about it more!! Do you like her or not, do you want to be with her or not!!”

Ooh… I didn’t even notice Kayu jumping out.

She’s not happy with Mister Ilma’s response, probably because she’s in love too.

But I guess she’s right.

I don’t know a lot about love, but when someone says they like you, you should answer properly.

“K-Kayu What I have decided to offer myself to god and Miss Lerunda.

I don’t think it’s appropriate for someone who serves god to…”

“Lerunda! You don’t have a problem with Mister Ilma having a girlfriend, do you”


No problem.

I think people should be free, to be with someone, even if they serve god.”

I answer, while still being surprised about Kayu yelling all of a sudden.

Mister Ilma sees me, and he’s about to run towards me to revere me, but he stops.

I wasn’t planning on jumping out like this but… I look at Mister Ilma with kind of a distant look.

“Hum, Mister Ilma.

Don’t worry about serving me, or god.

I want you to clear, that out of your mind, and think.”

Yes, that’s all I have to say.

Leave those feelings about god and the miko aside for a minute and think, then respond.

“… All right.

If you say so Miss Lerunda… Shehan.”


“I have never given much thought to this sort of thing, so can I have some time to think”


In the end, that’s the result, even after Kayu and I interfered.

I don’t know how it will turn out between them, but I guess it’s good that it’s progressing.

I’m going to keep watching them from time to time.

I’m sure it won’t change right away, but I hope their relationship turns into something they can both be happy with.

—Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part five

(The miko ends up jumping in with her friend.)


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