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Chapter 242 – Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part one

“All right.”

I wake up, send magic energy to the egg, and take a deep breath.

It’s been a few days since I talked to Mister Douroean, and Mister Lan and the others are still discussing how exactly we’re going to be involved with the winged people.

I give my opinion too, but in the end it’s the adults that are going to decide.

“Gurugurugurururu (What are you going to do today Lerunda)”


People in the village have been assigned their own duties, but I still don’t know what I want to do, so I go around helping with different things.

Dandonga helps take apart monsters, Lilyd helps Miss Lan, and the other kids are learning how to fight.

And I… Miss Lan says that I have to be in a different position because I’m the miko, so I’ve been thinking about that, and about what the village will be like as it gets bigger.

This place has become a village, and it’s going to be a town, and then a country.

That’s our dream.

Miss Lan was up very late last night, so she’s still sleeping and I try not to wake her.

She’s really working hard for our village.


“Oh Miss Shehan”

I go outside with the little gryphons, and Miss Shehan calls out to me.

Miss Shehan doesn’t usually leave Mister Ilma’s side, so it’s rare for her to come here by herself.

It’s a little strange, so I just stare at her.

“Lerunda, there is something I want to ask…”

I think she’s really cool.

She contributes to the village by going to the forest to hunt monsters.

She’s really strong and straightforward, and it feels like she’s always full of confidence.

She doesn’t usually act like this, so it makes me a little nervous.

Did something happen

I don’t get a bad feeling, so it’s probably not a problem for the whole village, and just something about her.

But if something’s troubling her, am I the right person for her to talk to Shouldn’t she be talking to an adult… I think while bringing her inside.

“Shehan is acting differently than usual.”

Freinet says while flying to my side.

“So, what is it”


“…If it’s hard to say to me, do you want me to go, wake up Miss Lan”

“No, that’s not necessary.


What could it be that’s so hard for her to say I stare at her while anxiously waiting to hear it.

Seeing Miss Shehan sitting on a chair, looking at me with slanted eyebrows, it’s hard to believe she’s the same person as the usual Miss Shehan.

“…Can priests… Not have lovers or something like that”


This is so sudden, I have a hard time even understanding it.

Can priests not have lovers To be honest, I don’t know a lot of things most people would say are common knowledge.

I know priests serve god, but the rest I don’t know.

Why is she asking me this in the first place Mister Ilma is the only priest in this village, so I’m sure that’s why Miss Shehan is asking this, but…

“…I don’t know, about that sort of thing, so I can’t say.

But why, are you asking”

“Hum… Well… Ilma is a priest that serves you, right When I asked him, he said ‘whatever Miss Lerunda wishes’.”


…So it’s up to me I think people should be able to like whoever they like.

If Mister Ilma likes someone, he should have a lover.

I think that’s fine, but…

I just think it’s fine if they do what they want when it comes to that, so now I’m wondering what exactly Miss Shehan is trying to tell me.

And then Freinet says something to me.

“Lerunda, doesn’t Shehan like Ilma in a romantic way That’s probably why she’s here.”


“Wai… Miss Freinet!!”

Freinet speaks in a way that Miss Shehan can hear.

She sounds very amused too, and Miss Shehan looks flustered.

Miss Shehan’s face looks a little red… So that’s really it, she likes Mister Ilma in a romantic way.

“Miss Shehan, you like Mister Ilma, don’t you”

“…Ah… Uu…”

She nods as her face turns redder.

—Girl and priest and magic swordsman – Part one

(The miko learns the reason for the magic swordsman’s question and smiles.)


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