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Chapter 241 – The girl returns to her village – Part two

I tell them about Mister Douroean.

What kind of dragon he is, what he taught me about miko, and how he gave me the egg.

After I’m done, they react in their own ways, but Miss Lan is the one that sounds the most excited.

“A dragon!! I’ve read about intelligent dragons in books, but to think they actually exist… And he knows a lot about miko because he’s been alive for so long! I definitely want to observe him and write a book about my findings!! We also have to compile what he told you about miko! Ahh… Where do I even start!”

“Calm down Lan.

I get that you’re excited but…”

“…So there is a dragon on the summit of the mountain.

This world truly is vast.”

Mister Dongu tries to calm Miss Lan down, and Mister Sileva looks really moved by the idea of a dragon.

Elves live a long time too, but I guess even an elf like Mister Sileva has never met a dragon.

That really shows how incredible it is that I got to meet and talk to Mister Douroean.

“Mister Douroean said I should send magic energy to the egg.

And he said I can form a contract with this dragon, so I’m going to raise it.

And he said I can go visit him again too.”

“Oh!! Then please take me with you when you do!!”


I don’t think that’ll be a problem if we just ask.

But we have to talk about another thing.

Mister Douroean, is the god of the winged people, and I received this egg, so Mister Villa and the others want to stay with me, and be more involved with the village.”

Miss Lan looks very excited as she talks about going to see Mister Douroean with me, but when I continue talking, her expression becomes serious again.

Mister Villa and the others want to be friendly with us.

That in itself is a good thing.

Being friends is a lot better than fighting, but the problem is the devotion they have to the being that’s going to hatch from this egg.

Faith is complicated.

Things are fine for the time being, because Mister Ilma is being watched to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy, and Phyto is keeping her people in line.

But we don’t know if accepting the winged people will be a good thing.

They can fly freely through the sky, and can attack us from up there if they want.

Just being able to fly is an incredible power.

They don’t see us as enemies because Mister Douroean gets along with me, but… Even if they don’t want to do anything bad to us, they might do things we don’t like because they think it will be good for this dragon.

This is really difficult.

“Be more involved with the village… It would be reassuring to have people who can fly on our side, but it’s a difficult issue.

We can’t disturb this village now that our lives have finally stabilized.”

“How about we make a deal to become involved in the same way as the other village”

“No, their fighting ability is much higher than theirs.

Not letting them get involved in the right manner could be disastrous.

I can’t imagine they would be openly hostile, since they worship the dragon, but…”

As I listen to them talk, I think about what we should do too.

What’s the best option How should we approach this

I think about this while holding the egg, and suddenly get sleepy and let out a small yawn.

We just got back from the mountain, and I’m probably more tired than I thought.

“Are you feeling drowsy Lerunda You can sleep if you want.

I’m sure you’re tired.”

“But… What about the discussion”

“Don’t worry, we will continue talking.

Let’s leave the egg on a rug so it doesn’t break.”

Says Miss Lan with a soft tone.

She brings a basket and a rug and puts the egg inside the basket on the rug.

She then grabs me by the hand and takes me to my bed.

“Sweet dreams Lerunda.”

“Yes… Miss Lan…”

I close my eyes, and fall asleep while hearing Miss Lan’s soft voice.

—The girl returns to her village – Part two

(The miko talks with the adults about the winged people, and falls asleep.)


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