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Chapter 240 – The girl returns to her village – Part one

Mister Villa and other winged people accompany us through part of the way back to the village.

They’re worried, since I have Mister Douroean’s egg, and offer to take us all the way to the village, but we tell them it’s not necessary.

Once we reach the village, we’re going to have to tell everyone about their god and this egg.

I’m sure Miss Lan will be surprised when she sees me come back with an egg.

I hold the egg in my arms as we all walk back to the village.

I’ve never been away from it for so long.

I can kind of feel that nothing happened, so I’m not too worried, but I still keep thinking that I hope nothing happened while we were away.

A group of people left to explore, and then we left to talk to the winged people’s god, so there was suddenly a shortage of manpower.

I have to work twice as hard when we get back, to make up for the time I was away.

“Welcome back Lerunda… What is that egg”

We return to the village, and I see Miss Lan walking and looking very busy.

She sees us and welcomes me back, before more people also notice we’re back and give us a warm welcome.

This is so nice.

I say I’m back, and people come give me a warm welcome.

I’m so happy that I have a place like this.

I smile and say I’m back.

It’s great to have a place to come back to, so when the people that left to go explore come back, I’ll make sure to welcome them back too.

“Miss Lan, can I explain in the house Everyone’s tired.”

“Of course! Let’s go in so we can talk.

I’ll go get Mister Dongu and Mister Sileva.

That egg doesn’t look like just a normal egg.”


I climbed a mountain, met Mister Douroean, came down from the mountain, and I’m finally back.

Being back in the village makes me relax and lose my strength.

Part of it is because I went away from the village for the first time, but I’m more tired than I expected.

I head home with Riruha, Kamiha, and Freinet.

Gaius and the others are tired too, so they all go to their homes.


(Welcome back Lerunda.)”


(Welcome back.)”

““Gurugururururururu!! ((Welcome back Lerunda!!))””

Reimar and the others come running.

The little gryphons all look very interested in the egg.

“Gurururururururu (Can we eat this egg)”

Yuin asks innocently, and the egg I’m holding trembles.

And then, something like magic energy is released from the egg.

This somewhat heavy magic energy hits Yuin directly, who falls back and sits down.

I think Mister Douroean’s egg is already conscious, and he’s probably upset because a gryphon is asking if it’s all right to eat a dragon like him.

“Yuin… Are you all right This egg is going to be our friend, so you can’t eat him.

And you should probably, apologize.”



(I see.

I’m sorry.)”

Says Yuin while still sitting on the ground, and the magic energy coming from the egg settles down.

Still, this really is a dragon.

It can control magic energy like this even before hatching.


(Sorry sorry.)”

Yuin apologizes again, and the egg slants a little.

It’s like the egg is moving to say apology accepted.

Afterwards, Yuin and the others all sound happy that a new friend is coming.

I feel relieved knowing that they’ll probably all get along once the egg hatches.

I wipe my body with a towel, change clothes, and feel a little refreshed.

I’m tired, but I’m glad I went.

I met Mister Douroean, learned more about miko, and received an egg.

We still have to talk about what our relationship with the winged people is going to be like from now on, but I don’t think anything bad will come from it.

I sigh with relief, and Miss Lan brings Mister Dongu and Mister Sileva inside.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Lerunda.

Can you tell us what happened”

“…That’s a big egg.”

“And it is rich with magic energy.

This is no simple monster egg.”

Say Miss Lan, Mister Dongu, and Mister Sileva.

I start by saying that this egg came from the winged people’s god, and they look very surprised.

“The egg of a god… But that means you two are on good terms.

That is very good to hear.

But what is this god anyway”

“A dragon.”

After hearing my response, the three all look at me with their eyes wide open, and I tell them about Mister Douroean.

—The girl returns to her village – Part one

(The girl comes down from the mountain and returns to her village.)


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