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Chapter 235 – Princess and response

Hicked Migha, a prince of the kingdom of Migha and my fiance, is missing.

I don’t even know if he’s still alive, or if he really chose to go against his king.

All I can do is speculate, but if he is alive, I am sure he is siding with the rebellion.

The instability in the neighboring country is not actually bad for the kingdom of Fairytrof.

This is why I received permission from my brother Jourard to secretly meddle with the kingdom of Migha.

I made this decision thanks to Alice.

The same selfish Alice that was taken to the temple as the miko.

Now that she knows she is not the miko and understands she is not special, she is facing forward, and changing and growing more than I expected.

I never thought I would hear her say something like that, but her words were the push I needed to start working more the way I want.

“I don’t intend to abandon you should you fail, but I will if I am left with no other option.”

My brother Jourard said when I received his permission.

This is the right course of action for a king.

I am not working to be abandoned or with a ruinous future in mind.

I am interfering with Migha with a positive outcome in mind.

I don’t want to abandon Prince Hicked.

I want to see him again, alive.

With this in mind, I begin working in secret.

I do not know what people from Vene are thinking, but they say they will assist me as well.

The rebellion has caused a lot of damage and even deaths in Migha.

It could be said that I am a bad person for trying to prolong it.

Prolonging it is beneficial for the kingdom of Fairytrof, and it is under this pretense that I try to help Prince Hicked.

I have to prolong the rebellion without letting anyone know the royal family of Fairytrof is interfering, and if someone does find out about it, decide whether to take them in as an ally or eliminate them.

The most important objective is to meet Prince Hicked and ask him what his true intentions are.

In the end, everything I am thinking is nothing more than supposition.

I could very well be doing things that go against his intentions, so my priority should be to first discover his whereabouts.

And thus, while I am going to slowly prolong this rebellion, I will task more people with finding out where Prince Hicked is.

However, things will become very complicated if Fairytrof’s intervention is discovered, so we cannot afford to have too many people working there.

I wish we had more manpower, but…

Also, it would be terrible if the king of Migha or someone under him ended up discovering where Prince Hicked is.

It would be one thing if he truly was missing or kidnapped, but it is very likely that he is willingly working directly against his king.

There are two things we cannot allow to be discovered, our involvement, and Prince Hicked’s true intentions.

…I wish I had more power.

Being made so aware of my lack of power is very frustrating.

Is Prince Hicked all right Is he even alive

Not knowing this for sure makes me impatient, but I know I cannot afford to be hasty.

My impatience could be what ruins Prince Hicked’s efforts, and that I want to avoid most of all.

I hope he is all right.

I hope I can see him again, alive and well, but I cannot simply go into Migha personally and search for him.

All I can do is give instructions and pray for his safety.

Eventually, rumors about Prince Hicked reach the ears of one of my subordinates.

This makes me happy, but it also means that there might be people near him are hinting at revealing where he is.

The environment where he has been is not as straightforward as I thought.

This makes me want to confirm his safety as soon as possible and try to help in any way I can.

He told me to abandon him, but I’m praying for his safety.

I have no intention whatsoever of abandoning him, and I choose to walk with him through the path he chose.

I’m sure he would say no if I told him this.

He would tell me not to get involved, but I really do not like the idea of standing to the side and not being involved.

This is why I will get involved even if I have to force my way into this affair.

—Princess and response

(The princess chooses to prolong the chaos in the neighboring kingdom, because she doesn’t want to abandon her fiance or be an unrelated third party.)


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