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Chapter 226 – The educator’s records – Part six

[Records regarding the miko]

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

My understanding of the miko’s power deepens as I spend time with Lerunda.

Having that said, all miko have their own traits, and most certainly affect those around them in different ways.

I think it is best to refer to this as Lerunda’s power, not the miko’s.

For example, if another miko were to appear hundreds of years from now, it is highly unlikely she will have the same exact abilities as Lerunda.

The village is finally settling down as of late, so Lerunda and ‘the miko’s knights’ have been looking deeper into what their abilities are, and have made a discovery about Phyto, the one who was called the daughter of god.

When she performs a dance meant for the true daughter of god, the physical abilities of the ones around her are improved, and so is the effect of their magic.

Although it is tiring for her, it would be very useful during construction.

It could make it a lot easier to build things such as houses.

The other ‘knights of the miko’ are Reimar and Gaius, but they have not discovered any new abilities.

There is a lot we do not understand about these ‘knights of the miko’.

We know from historical records that the number is limited, but we do not know how many ‘knights of the miko’ Lerunda can create.

However, by observing the abilities of the current ‘knights of the miko’, I can conclude that their abilities have not sprouted from nothing, and it looks as though abilities that were inside them all along are being made to bloom.

Gaius can turn into a wolf because long ago beast people could turn into a beast form at will.

That ability may be dormant in all of them.

We should probably think of this as a power to draw out latent abilities.

Looking at it this way will make it easier to predict what the abilities of future ‘knight’s of the miko’ will be.

As for big changes to the village, Sadda arrived here and brought former slaves along with him.

We were all surprised to hear this was done under the orders of a prince of Migha.

People change, but for us, the prince called Hicked Migha was always the horrible person responsible for the death of Mister Athos.

This person is now helping beast people, which really makes me feel that you never know when an ally will become an enemy and when an enemy will become an ally.

One day, when this village becomes a country, we may have to stand against Hicked Migha.

I have no way of knowing what either side will do if the time comes but we, the adults of this village, have to pay close attention to what is around us and make the best possible decisions.

The miko’s power influences what is around her in many ways.

Our village’s crops never fail, and we are almost never attacked by monsters, even though we are so deep inside the forest.

Of course, some people are injured from time to time when they go out hunting, but never the other way around.

We are also never unable to find food, so it could be said that our village is able to function because Lerunda is here.

I do not know how much Lerunda herself is aware of this, but usually it would be unthinkable to live peacefully in the middle of this forest.

Everything is fine for now, but I still believe we need to be ready for when people from outside find this village.

Lerunda is currently on her way to meet the god of the winged people.

No one knows what this god is, but Lerunda says she does not get a bad feeling from this.

I wonder what will happen.

If the miko says so, it will probably be all right, but worst case scenario, Lerunda will be the only one to return.

All I can do is pray that nothing bad will happen when Lerunda is faced with the winged people’s god, and make sure the village is kept safe and in order until she returns.

We also have no way to direct where the ones who went out to explore should go.

Even Lerunda does not know when they will be back, so again, all we can do is keep the village safe until then.

I have been talking with Mister Dongu about finally naming this village.

Lerunda may find this embarrassing, but I think the village’s name should include hers.

A village named after the miko feels like it will be blessed by god somehow.

—The educator’s records – Part six

(The educator continues to write about many things, such as ‘the miko’s knights’ and the village.)


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