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Chapter 223 – The girl heads to the top of the mountain – Part one

First we head to Mister Villa’s village, and after that we’ll go see their god.

The gryphons that are going with me are Riruha and Kamiha.

I was worried about their daughter, Rumiha being left alone in the village, but she said ‘Gurugururururu (I’ll be fine on my own)’.

Reimar said ‘gurugururururu (don’t over-do it)’ many times.

Everyone is worried about me.

We’re going to see the winged people’s god, but they’re not our enemies.

There are things about them we don’t understand, but they’re not people we absolutely have to defeat, like that plant monster.

…If they do become our opponents, am I going to be able to do anything I think it’s fine because I don’t get a bad feeling from them, but that thought pops into my mind a few times.

In addition to Riruha and Kamiha, we have beast people here like Mister Oshashio and Gaius, and a few young elves.

As for Phyto’s people, she was worried that something might happen if she wasn’t around to control them, and she didn’t like the idea of them coming along either, so none of them are coming with us.

Including me, there are seven people and two gryphons in this group.

There are also winged people who have come to guide us.

Miss Lan and the others wanted to send more people with us, but we can’t because the people that went out to explore aren’t back yet.

It would be hard to fly all these people to their village, so we’re mostly going to walk up the mountain.

If it was just the winged people, they could fly there a lot quicker.

Apparently going down is easy, but going up is hard.

It’s possible to come and go, but if they’re willing to travel such a big distance and go to the village just to see me, it means they’re more interested in me than I thought.

Why does their god want to meet me Does that have to do with why they feel they can’t leave me alone I think as I walk.

I’ve been moving more than before, and I’m using physical strengthening magic, so I can walk even if I feel tired.

I’ve never climbed a mountain, so it feels like a fresh experience.

The path is simple, but it’s well kept.

“The flow of magic energy in this mountain is nice.”

“Is it”


I like this mountain.

But I don’t think it’s all natural.”

“What do you mean”

I talk with Freinet.

Mister Villa and the others’ hearing isn’t as good as beast people’s, so they don’t hear me whispering to Freinet in the back.

“I think this mountain always had a nice flow of magic energy… But it’s too nice.

Remember that plant monster, and how it disrupted the magic energy of the area It’s probably like that, but the opposite.”

Says Freinet while looking at the spirits on the shoulders of the elves.

They nod in agreement.

Can spirits sense that It’s difficult for me.

I guess it makes sense for spirits to be good at sensing the flow of magic energy in nature.

Still, that plant monster disrupted the magic energy of that area so much that the spirit tree couldn’t grow there anymore.

And something is doing the opposite here.

“I just hope that isn’t an enemy.

It’s easier to disrupt magic energy than to make it flow nicely.

Disrupting magic energy in the ground just takes time and magic energy.

I think even I could do it if given enough time.

But I couldn’t make it this nice.”

Says Freinet.

“It’s one thing to interfere with natural magic energy and make it nicer for just a second, but it’s very difficult to keep it that way.

And if it goes wrong, it can even have the opposite effect.

Whatever is doing this is not something I’d want as an enemy.”

Even spirits can’t interfere with natural magic energy like this.

It’s easy to disrupt, but hard to put in order.

Freinet says it’d be scary if the one doing this was our enemy.

Is Mister Villa’s god doing this Or… Something else

I don’t know what it is, but I hope it’s not bad for us.

—The girl heads to the top of the mountain – Part one

(The miko is heading towards the winged people’s god, and talks to the spirit contracted to her on the way.)


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