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Chapter 222 – Girl and worry around her

“Going to see the god of the winged people Isn’t that dangerous Regardless of how they feel about us, they think you are special, Lerunda.

They could be taking you there with no intention of letting you come back…”

“I don’t have, a bad feeling.

I think it’s all right.”

I go talk to Miss Lan right away, and she sounds worried.

She says it’s possible that they don’t want to let me come back, something I didn’t even think about.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen, because I don’t have a bad feeling about this.

Mister Dongu, Mister Sileva, and Mister Oshashio all have serious expressions on their faces too.

“If you don’t have a bad feeling about it, I don’t think they are going to do anything bad, but that doesn’t guarantee that nothing will happen.

It’s not like I don’t trust your intuition, it has helped us before, but I can’t help but be concerned.”


We do not know what they are thinking, and we cannot rule out the possibility that they will try something, as we did before.”

“Yes, we were almost sacrificed by Sileva and the others… Still, I do feel that seeing what exactly is their god is better than continuing to not understand what is their deal.”

People voice their opinions.

I’ve never been wrong when it comes to not having a bad feeling, but that still doesn’t mean it’s infallible.

If I was all-powerful, nothing bad would ever happen.

I’m the miko, but that doesn’t mean I understand everything, and it doesn’t mean I can do everything.

That’s why I came to talk with the adults.

If I try to act alone, I might do something wrong.

“…Honestly, I strongly feel I would rather you don’t go, but Mister Oshashio is right.

It won’t be good for this village to continue to not understand anything about them.

If we are considering what is best for the village, you should go, but…”

“Miss Lan, I’m all right.

You don’t have, to worry.

I won’t be rash, and Mister Villa said I could take other people with me.”

It would be good for the village if I met their god.

We don’t know if this means they’ll be enemies or friends, but it’s still better than not knowing.

Miss Lan tends to worry.

No, it’s not just her, everyone else too.

They know I’m the miko, but they worry about me, and smile at me like I’m just a regular girl.

Miss Lan said a long time ago that I could be treated differently just because I’m the miko, so every time I think about how they treat me the same, it makes me feel that I really like them a lot.

“Yes… But if you do decide to go, Mister Dongu and I can’t go with you, since we have to take care of the village.

And if possible, I think it would be better if you didn’t take all the gryphons and the sky horse with you.

We don’t know what might happen while you, the miko are away.

I think it will be all right, but…”

“Yes, I’ll only take two, and Freinet.

Mister Villa and the others can’t see Freinet.”


We will decide who else will go with you.

Just promise me one thing Lerunda.”



If you want to go, I won’t stop you, but please come back safely.

I want to see you return safe and sound, so promise me you will.”

Says Miss Lan while looking directly at me.


I promise.”

I have no intention to die.

I don’t know what their god is like, but if I feel like I’m in danger, I’ll turn back right away.

So I smile and tell Miss Lan it will be all right.

“All right, then I’ll go with you, and we’ll take Gaius too.”



They don’t know he can turn into a wolf, right We can take them by surprise if something does happen.”

Mister Oshashio is right.

Most beast people can’t turn into wolves, so if Gaius suddenly turns into one, it will surprise Mister Villa and the others.

Having Oshashio come along with us feels very reassuring.

“I will ask young elves to go with you as well.”

“Also, Phyto’s village might want to send someone too.

We will tell you when that’s decided.”


I understand.”

After I respond, I go see the gryphons, so we can decide who will go with me.

—Girl and worry around her

(People around the miko are worried about her, just as they would if she was a normal child.)


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