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Chapter 22 – Girl and magic – Part three

“Just being able to use magic is useful.

If you have a high aptitude for even just one thing, that will put you in high demand.

Although, there have been people throughout history who were made to use magic until they died, so I cannot generalize and say that being able to use magic is always a good thing.

Magic has the power to turn the impossible into something possible.

For example, someone that can’t use magic can’t heal wounds so severe so quickly like you did, Lerunda.

If you didn’t heal his wounds he would have surely died, so what you did really was incredible.”

Grandma continues.

Magic can make the impossible possible, and let people that use magic do things that people that can’t use magic can’t.

“If I use magic right… Can I help, everyone”

“You’re a good girl Lerunda.

You’re right, if you can use it properly, we’ll be happy, but you collapsed the other day didn’t you I’m glad you want to use magic for our sake, but I don’t want you to push yourself too much.

Study well, and only use it when it’s alright to use it.



“Good answer.

It’s a promise, Lerunda.”


Gaius got mad at me, and grandma is concerned too… I don’t want to make people that are important to me sad, so I won’t push myself too much.

I’m going to study magic, and only use it when I know it’s alright.

I don’t know when that will be but… I don’t want to worry everyone.

“Now I’m going to talk about the history of magic.

First of all, it’s said that when the gods first created this world, there was no such thing as magic.”



When the gods first created this world, it was only inhabited by a race called god people, and today’s races are all based on them.

The influence of those gods is still very strong.

It’s said that the origin of us beast people is tied to the god of the forest, god of water, and beast god, but it was a long, long time ago, so no one can know for sure if this is true.”

I faintly remember a troubadour talking about this sort of thing in the village where I grew up, but I think he said that the true descendants of god people are humans… Maybe that’s why they think they can do awful things to beast people.

“There are a lot of different beings in today’s world, but they can all be traced back to god people and beast gods.

It’s said that that is where humanoid races and monsters came from, and that those beings were born through magic.

This is what I read when I was young, but there are many different explanations.

It is also written that we beast people are physically gifted, but not so much when it comes to magic, because of the influence of beast gods, and elves are good at magic because of the gods that influenced them.”

“…What about, humans”

“I think humans are a little special.

Many humans believe that they are the direct successors of god people, but judging by what has been written on the subject, they were the last to be born into this world.

There are less of them that can use magic compared to elves, their physical abilities aren’t as good as beast people’s, and they don’t excel in other areas like other races, but they are, in their own way, successors to all other races.

I think of them as a race that has slowly been influenced by all sorts of gods.”

Humans were the last to be born into this world, at least according to the books that grandma read.

I see, so when beast people came to this world, they were heavily influenced by some gods, but humans received a little influence from all sorts of gods.

In other words, they weren’t really influenced a lot by any god.

“When magic first appeared, there weren’t established spells like we have nowadays.

It makes sense, after all, words and letters hadn’t really developed yet.

Magic wasn’t optimized like it is today, and it was more like something that people used when they felt like it.

Magic today has been optimized and spells were created for ease of use, but it’s said that a long time ago, in the age of gods, magic was more powerful than today.”

Spells, the words people say when they use magic.

Apparently, there wasn’t such a thing in those days,

I take notes as I think about how it seems so natural for such things to exist, but that wasn’t always the case.

“But spells were also made with the user in mind.

It’s a lot harder and dangerous to use magic without a spell.

Remember how you collapsed the other day, Lerunda”

Spells were put together after many years of research, for the sake of the user.

Using magic without a spell is difficult and dangerous.

I take notes as I listen to grandma, and Gaius is listening attentively too.

The little gryphons know they can’t make noise, so they’re also doing their best to stay quiet and listen.

“It was a magic king named Itosta Keith that first established spells.

That person was human, but had immense magic energy, could use all sorts of magic, and was friendly with spirits.

It is said that he was a great man that studied magic and established today’s spells.”

The man that created spells, Itosta Keith.

I heard that name before, but I don’t remember where.

Still, spirits I’ve never seen one.

I wonder what they’re like.

“Let’s stop here today.

Next time I’ll teach you more about spells.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Thank you grandma!”

A lot of time passed without me noticing.

Grandma says this will be all for today, so Gaius and I bow and say thank you.

Grandma smiles as she hears us.

—Girl and magic part three

(The girl that is probably the miko learns a lot.)


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