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Chapter 212 – Girl and the people going out to explore

We weren’t expecting the knights and the slaves to suddenly arrive from the kingdom of Migha, but our goal of making the village evolve hasn’t changed.

About ten people are going out to explore our surroundings.

We aren’t sending more because there’s always the chance that something might happen in the village with the people that just arrived.

Still, we also don’t know what’s out there, so I ask Wason to go with them.

“Wason, can I ask you to do that”


(Leave it to me.)”

Exploring might be dangerous, even for a gryphon, but I ask her to go with them because I don’t want any of my friends to die.

I also apologize to Ryon and Yuin, because their mother is going away for a while, but they tell me not to worry about it.

Some spirits who are not contracted to anyone are also going with them.

Among the people going out to explore are the beast people Miss Sinorn and Mister Nirushi, and the elves Mister Ondai and Miss Sailaryu.

The others are from Phyto’s village.

Mister Nirushi joined the group, saying he wants to save the people that are still in the kingdom of Migha.

We don’t know if there really are other places where people are living, but the idea is still to find them and get money.

To be honest, I’m very worried about them, but this is an important step for our village.

“Be careful, everyone, and come back safely.”

“You don’t have to be so worried.

If we come across any danger we’ll pull back.”

“Don’t be so worried.”

Say Miss Sinorn and Mister Nirushi with smiles on their faces.

Once they leave, they won’t be back so soon.

Exploring an unknown place takes time.

It feels a little lonely knowing that I won’t see them until they get back.

“If you do find other people, please try not to disclose too much information about our village.

It could get complicated if people knew that the miko is here.

We should try to expand our village while not letting others know about Lerunda.”

Says Miss Lan.

If there are more villages out there, she wants them to know as little as possible about this village.

“And if there are other villages, they might not be places where beast people and elves normally live, so try to hide your races.”

Different places have different cultures.

The kingdom of Migha enslaves beast people and elves, so we don’t know how they’ll be treated in whatever villages they might find.

Miss Lan also doesn’t know other countries besides the kingdom of Fairytrof.

If they find other places where people live, but they’re all human, it will probably be difficult for the beast and elves to do anything.

Phyto’s people stand out too with the tattoos on their faces.

But still, there isn’t anyone else that can go out to explore.

Miss Lan has been very busy ever since the slaves and knights arrived.

They’re all going out to find places where they don’t know what’s normal.

“Also, please don’t overdo it.

Your objective is not more important than your lives, and I will be very sad if any of you dies.

If you feel you are in danger, come back right away.”

Everyone nods, and Miss Sinorn and the others turn around and leave, while everyone else watches them until they are too far to see.

I continue praying while watching them leave.

I hope they all return safely.

Alive, unharmed, and with a smile.

—Girl and the people going out to explore

(People from the miko’s village go out to explore.

They have no idea what awaits them, and the miko prays for their safety.)


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