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Chapter 21 – Girl and magic – Part two

“Lerunda, magic is something that can have good or bad results, depending on how you use it.”

I’m learning about magic from grandma.

Gaius and the little gryphons are with me.

Gaius says he’s interested in magic, and the little gryphons say ‘Gurugurugururu (We want to listen with Lerunda)’.

Grandma accepts all of them with a smile.

I like grandma’s kind smile.


“Yes Lerunda, magic is a powerful force.

Having power is good, but the more power you have, the more careful you need to be with how you use it.

The villagers here are nice, and I’m very proud of my people, but… If bad adults discover that you used magic to heal that man, we don’t know what will happen to you.

They might take you and force you to heal.”

“I… See.”

The people in this village are nice, so they worry about me, like how Gaius was mad and told me not to push myself too far.

It was pure luck that I just happened to meet nice people, and I’m once again realizing how lucky I am.

“You should learn about magic, so as not to let that happen.

I’m sorry, but I can’t actually use magic, so all I can do is teach you the theoretical part.”

“Grandma, I’m happy about, learning about it.

Thank you.”

I don’t know anything about magic, I’m just a girl from a village.

There was never anyone around me that used magic, and even though I know what it is, I’ve never seen anyone actually use it.

No matter how many times I think about it, it’s still weird to think that someone like me can use magic.

“What you need in order to use magic is aptitude and magic energy.

We have no way to measure magic aptitude here in the village, but judging by how you healed wounds, I would say you have a very high holy magic aptitude.

Without high aptitude, it would not be possible to use that kind of magic without training.”

Says grandma.

Apparently, I have high holy magic aptitude.

I think it means I can heal more injured people if I work hard.

I want to become good at holy magic, so even if the people I like a lot get hurt, I can heal them.


(Lerunda is great.)”

“Gurugurugurugururuu! (I don’t really understand but Lerunda looks happy!)”

Reimar’s children, Rema and Ruma, are sitting next to me, and after they speak, grandma asks them to be quiet.

The other two little gryphons are sitting next to Gaius, who is completely focused on listening to grandma.

“We can’t tell right now if you have aptitude for other kinds of magic but… Lerunda, you have a lot of magic energy, and if you learn about it properly, you can become an incredible adult.”


I’ll do, my best.”

I don’t know what kind of adult is an incredible adult, but I think it’s good to work hard.

I can’t actually practice magic right now, but I think it will do me good to learn about magic itself.

“The different kinds of magic aptitude are fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, dark, light, and holy.

Holy magic heals wounds, and is the most special among them, so not a lot of people can use it, and a lot of holy magic users are taken to temples regardless of whether they want to or not.

Lerunda, if you don’t want to be taken to a temple, you must never say you can use holy magic in front of a priest.”

As I listen to grandma, I’m impressed that there’s so much to magic aptitude alone.

Apparently, if I use holy magic I’ll be taken to a temple like my sister.

I’m probably the miko anyway, so I have to watch out for that too.

“Grandma, what’s a temple”

“Ah, temples are places in big towns where people pray to gods.

We live in the forest, so we worship beings close to us like the gryphons, but temples in big countries pray mostly to the gods that created this world.

You learned about the gods that created this world, didn’t you Gaius Temples pray to such gods…

We beast people don’t have something we can call a country in the first place, all we have are the villages where we live.

The temples were built by humans, not by races without a country that have a lot of bigger things to worry about.

Maybe there are other races with temples, but at the very least, I don’t know about them.”

Says grandma to Gaius.

Grandma says only humans have countries, and can build things like temples.

I only heard a little about those gods in the village where I grew up, so I don’t know a lot about them.

“Eh So if humans find out that Lerunda can use holy magic, they’ll take her away”


Don’t forget, Lerunda is a human in the first place… If it’s known that she is living in this village, it might attract some troublesome people, so we have to be careful.”

If humans and beast people get along, it might attract troublesome people.

Mister Athos says that humans also make beast people their slaves, but they should stop it.

Beast people are like everyone else, and they’re nice, so why do they do that

Thinking about this makes me feel hazy inside.

“I see…”


So Gaius, Reimar and the others are here, so it’s probably alright, but I want you to protect Lerunda.”

“Yes! Of course!”

Gaius responds with no hesitation.

Gaius is going to protect me, and as I hear that, I become a little happy.

“Getting back to magic.

The higher your aptitude, the higher the level of magic you can use.

Even if you have a lot of magic energy, without aptitude, it’s close to meaningless.

There are records of people that struggled over having a lot of magic energy but low aptitude.”

“Grandma, where does physical strengthening magic fall in regards to aptitude”

“Ah, I forgot to explain that.

Physical strengthening magic doesn’t fall in any category, and anyone can use it as long as they have magic energy.

Basically, it’s known as magic people can use even without aptitude…”

“Eh, so can I use it too”

“Yes, if you have magic energy that is.

You can study it if you’re interested, but the vast majority of people can’t use magic, so don’t feel down if you can’t use it.

Lerunda does have sufficient magic energy, so if she studies, there is a very good chance that she can use physical strengthening magic.”

As I listen to grandma, I take notes using the letters I learned.

So basically, physical strengthening magic can be used regardless of aptitude or anything like that, as long as the person has magic energy.

That’s very useful.

Does this kind of magic that works without aptitude have a name Grandma didn’t say.

I want to be able to use it too, so maybe I’ll ask someone in the village that can use it to tell me more about it.

—Girl and magic – Part two

(The girl that is probably the miko is taught about magic by grandma and becomes interested in physical strengthening magic.)


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