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Chapter 205 – Girl and new arrivals – Part two

I start thinking about the kingdom of Migha.

They heard news that the kingdom of Fairytrof had the miko, started getting worried, and tried to increase their slaves.

They then attacked Mister Nirushi’s village, causing him to have to run away, and killed Mister Athos.

They tried to kill Gaius too.

Just thinking back to that makes my body tremble a little.

I think a prince was there too.

I was surprised when I saw someone important like that attacking beast people.

Then we had to run away and ended up here, but now knights from the kingdom of Migha brought beast people here.


Is this all connected, or is it just a coincidence

Something probably happened in the kingdom of Migha, and I just hope it’s not anything bad for us.

I don’t have a bad feeling about this, which is weird, but it doesn’t feel like anything bad’s coming.

That’s why even though I’m having so much trouble understanding this, I think we should accept these knights.

But not everyone feels the same way.

Other people don’t get this feeling that it’s all right like I do.

Some people are angry when they learn that there are knights from Migha among the people that just arrived.

I’m worried.

I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Gaius’ body is shaking, but he’s trying not to lose his composure.

Those eyes that are always filled with kindness look sharp.

I think there is a lot of hatred inside him right now.

I don’t feel hatred.

When my blood relatives didn’t see me as family, when Mister Athos was killed, when the elves wanted to sacrifice everyone, when we fought the monster, when Mister Roma was killed, or when the winged people started taking action, I didn’t feel any hatred.

I just felt sad.

I don’t want any more sad things to happen.

And just like there are all kinds of people among beast people, that are all kinds of humans.

If we don’t listen to them, we’ll never know what their goal is and why they came here.

Miss Lan said so too.

I grab Gaius’ hand.

He looks very nervous about this whole thing.


“It’s all right Gaius.”

I’ve gotten better at talking since we met, but I’m still not good at saying long sentences.

I want to tell him that it will all be all right and make him smile.

Like how he made me feel at ease when I first got to the beast people’s village.

“Let’s, listen.

They came from Migha, but they came with beast people.”


Gaius nods.

Miss Lan and Mister Dongu are the first ones to hear these people.

They’re listening to them, and then they’re going to summarize what they say for us.

We don’t know what would happen if we made them talk in front of a big group of people.

Everyone looks restless in the meantime.

Mister Villa and other winged people come to the village, but we apologize and tell them it’s not a good time.

I just quietly stare at the building where Miss Lan and Mister Dongu are talking to them.

After a while they leave, and everyone looks at them.

Miss Lan tells us to go to the square.

“The beast people that just arrived were slaves in the kingdom of Migha.

The knights that came with them were ordered by the person they serve to take them to the forest where they believed the miko was.

The merchants that were with them, including my friend Sadda, are from a company called Vene, and they decided to accompany the knights and beast people on their journey towards the miko.”

The kingdom of Migha is the country that was enslaving beast people, but they sent people they enslaved to the miko, to me.

This makes me believe that there are at least some people there that are against slavery.

But still, how did they know I was in the forest

“It was the seventh prince, Hicked Migha who gathered slaves and tasked his knights with bringing them to Lerunda.”

The seventh prince of Migha, Hicked Migha.

Apparently he’s not like the people making beast people suffer, and he’s trying to help them.

After saying that name, Miss Lan’s face stiffens, before she says something surprising.

“…Hicked Migha is the one who helped these beast people, but he was also the one who caused us to have to run away and settle here.”

I don’t understand what this really means at first.

—Girl and new arrivals – Part two

(The miko hears about the people who just arrived, and learns the name of the seventh prince.)


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