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Chapter 199 – Girl and meeting – Part three

“Well then, in regards to the money issue, we should form a party and explore.

It will take some time, but once we have money we should start working towards freeing the slaves.”

Says Miss Lan while looking around, before moving on to the next topic.

“Next, we need more power.

Dialog without butting heads will always be the preferred option, but it is hard to say it will always be possible.

We must have power when the time comes when we are forced to use it.

Without any sort of fighting skill, we will easily be killed.

I cannot fight, and never learned any sort of fighting techniques, but I think I want to start learning.”

Miss Lan can’t use magic, and doesn’t have the physical abilities of beast people.

She can’t see spirits either, but… She says she wants to learn how to fight.

“I want to be able to defend myself without having to rely on others.

I think that is especially important since we are relatively few.

Also, we need to think about what would happen if this village were to be attacked.

Simulating this is important.

I would like to have Mister Dongu and Mister Sileva lead this project.”

Says Miss Lan, and Mister Dongu and Mister Sileva nod.

She says this because we can’t go on like this forever.

We have to be able to defend ourselves without anyone’s help, especially because we’re a village, and not a big organization like a country.

“Also, I think we should do a better job assigning duties to everyone.

Presently, we simply hunt and work the fields to get what we need to survive.

I think we should divide those duties more clearly, and eventually work for rewards in the form of money.

I believe we should strive to one day become a country instead of a village.”

Miss Lan says she wants us to be a country.

That’s a very big dream.

When I think about it being a product of the vow I made with Gaius, it feels weird.

Changing the village into a country… That’s necessary if we’re ever going to make a place where people can be at peace.

Everyone listens intently to Miss Lan.

All the people present here have lost their homes.

The beast people lost their homeland and went out looking for somewhere they could stay permanently, the elves lost their precious spirit tree because of the monster and had to look for a new place to plant it again, and Phyto’s people were chased away by the kingdom of Migha and ran all the way here.

Everyone has had their homes taken away from them, so they really don’t want that to happen again in this peaceful place.

Of course, some people look uneasy about this.

Turning the village into a country is going to bring a lot of changes.

“Of course, I am not talking about changing the entire system overnight.

I just think that as our village grows, it will have to transition into being a country someday.

Another thing to think about, is that we have Lerunda here, and the spirit tree as well.”

Says Miss Lan as she looks at me.

”If our village is discovered by greedy people, they will come right after the spirit tree and Lerunda.

You can imagine how much they would want the miko, and the spirit is by far the thing that sticks out the most in our village.

There is always the possibility that we might be discovered by groups that want everything for themselves.

With this in mind, I believe we most definitely cannot go on like this.

Whatever strength we have acquired so far is not enough, we are still weak.

We will lose to number superiority, scatter and run away in panic if we are attacked.

We need strength not to inflict damage to our enemies, but to defend ourselves.

First we need the strength to defend ourselves as individuals, and then expand it to defend what is around us.”

Says Miss Lan very clearly.

She really is cool.

I’m the miko, so there’s a good chance that I’ll be targeted.

If I’m ever captured, that’s going to cause a lot of trouble.

I’ve always wanted the power to protect everyone, but that doesn’t matter if I can’t protect myself.

“Firstly, what do you think we need to evolve into a country”

Asks Miss Lan, and people start giving their answers.

-Girl and meeting – Part three

(The miko’s village takes its first step towards becoming a country.)


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