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Chapter 197 – Girl and meeting – Part one

“Well then, we will begin the meeting to discuss the future of this village.”

Says Miss Lan.

We are holding a meeting with people from this village and some from the other village, in part because Mister Nirushi says he wants to save the cat beast people.

“Firstly, one of our goals, the revival of the spirit tree, has been achieved.

The elves’ most dearest wish has come true, which is great.

Also, I am glad to say the village has been developing well over the past two years.”

Miss Lan, Mister Dongu, and mister Sileva are managing this meeting.

Miss Lan wrote on paper she made what needs to be discussed.

It’s been almost two years since we arrived here.

It’s going well, just like Miss Lan says We met Phyto’s people and made contact with the winged people, but the village is self-sufficient.

We can live without getting involved with other people.

Things are going so well that we can live without getting involved with people around us who could disturb our peace.

“Production is going well, and we are slowly developing, but our number one goal is to create a place where everyone can laugh and be at peace, and I am not sure if we have achieved it.

Our peace is only possible due to the lack of contact with the powers around us.

There is more than enough reason to fear that something might happen to destroy that peace.”

Miss Lan says.

Our biggest goal is to create a place where everyone can laugh and be at peace, but she says we haven’t achieved it yet, and our peace could be destroyed at any moment.

“We cannot simply sit back and rest on our laurels.

We are at peace now, and I certainly wish it was always so, but if we do not change anything and simply keep going as we are, our village is going to be swallowed by a big organization called a country as soon as we are discovered.

I felt that very strongly when I heard what Nirushi had to say.”

Says Miss Lan as she peeks towards the cat beast people.

Everyone else follows her eyes to them too.

“The attack on their village by the kingdom of Migha is the reason why we met in the first place.

Those people, who are humans like myself, do not see beast people as worthy of having rights.

That is why they attacked and enslaved them.

The cat beast people somehow managed to escape and come to us, and now we are living together.

But the lives of the ones who were captured are far from peaceful.

Nirushi wishes to rescue them, and I wish to hear your opinions.”

Says Miss Lan as she looks around.

The first person to raise his hand is Mister Dongu.

“I want to save them if it’s possible.

They are my acquaintances as well, and I don’t want to abandon them.”

Mister Dongu and Mister Nirushi’s villages had been interacting with each other for a long time.

It can’t be easy for Mister Dongu either, knowing people he knows have been enslaved.

The next person to raise her hand is Miss Wetani.

“I am opposed.

I think we should save them if it was possible, but going against a country is too dangerous.

There is a very high chance that it will go badly, in fact, it is more likely that the people that try to rescue them end up being enslaved themselves.

For that reason, I am against it.”

She says with her baby in her arms.

I can understand why she’s saying this.

A country has a lot more people than this village.

If we look at the numbers alone, we can’t win.

When I first met Mister Nirushi, he lamented that he couldn’t save them even though he really wanted to.

Saving people captured by a country is that difficult.

I remember what he said back then, so I can’t just say we should go rescue them like it’s simple.

The next person to raise his hand is Mister Yon, an old man from Phyto’s village.

“I think it’s only natural to want to save people who have been enslaved.

We believe some of our people were captured as well.

I do wish from the bottom of my heart that we could rescue them, but I have to agree with Miss Wetani in that it is simply too dangerous.

The most peaceful way to solve this would be to procure money and buy the slaves, and bring them back here.

We have no hope of winning if we try to free them by force.”

Him and his people were also chased away from their homes by the kingdom of Migha, and there’s a chance that some of them were enslaved too.


I think your opinions are valid.

Even if we are able to liberate the slaves by force, the kingdom of Migha will probably fall to chaos.

Some may think that since they are enemies it does not matter what happens to them, but slaves are an important part of their manpower.

If they all disappear at once, the country will be left in chaos.

I believe the best option is the one proposed by Mister Yon.

We should buy them, but for that we need money.”

Says Miss Lan after hearing some people’s opinions, and then she continues.

“We do not use currency in this village.

Since everything begins and ends here, we have no need for it, but perhaps that is not good if we are thinking about the future.

We should put policies in place for us to acquire money, in part to save the enslaved people.

What do you think”

Proposes Miss Lan.

—Girl and meeting – Part one

(The miko’s village is having a meeting, managed by the educator.)


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