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Chapter 194 – Girl and people acting strangely – Part one





The little gryphons sing in front of me.

Rema, Ruma, Rumiha, and Yuin really like singing.

I like singing with them, but hearing them sing like this is really fun too.

I’m sitting right in front of them as they stand in a line.

I was singing with them before, but I’m a little tired and I need a break.

I can see spirits here and there, and some of them are dancing along with songs, but the little gryphons can’t see them.

They think it’s strange because to them it just looks like I’m staring at nothing.

When we sing near spirits, they always come to us.

It feels like things have gotten livelier since the spirits woke up, and it feels nice and warm.

“The spirits seem happy.

Maybe I will join in and sing as well.”

“Good morning Mister Sileva.”

Before I know it, Mister Sileva is standing next to me.

The elves all look more cheerful ever since the spirit tree and the spirits recovered.

No, this is probably what they’re like to begin with, and they couldn’t help but not be cheerful before the spirits they worship as gods recovered.

I’m glad things are heading in a positive direction.

When he joins the little gryphons and starts singing, the spirit on his shoulder starts dancing.

That’s the spirit that formed a contract with Mister Sileva, and he looks happy as he flies and jumps around with the other spirits.

The little gryphons can’t see spirits at all, but they’re happy just because Mister Sileva is joining them.

I start singing with them too, and before I know it, more people join in until there are ten or so people singing.

It’s really fun.

We keep going for a while until it’s over, and I start making my way home feeling satisfied, before someone calls me.

“Oh, right.

Lerunda, there is something I want to draw your attention to…”

I’m surprised by what Mister Sileva says.

He says Mister Nirushi and the other cat beast people have been acting strange.

I didn’t notice it because my mind was focused on the recovery of the spirit tree, but when I say this to Mister Sileva, he tells me that it looks like it’s actually because the spirit tree is back.

I decide to pay attention to Mister Nirushi and the other cat beast people.

I ask Freinet to keep an eye on them, and also talk to them myself.

After I start talking to them, I understand what Mister Sileva means.

They seem kind of distracted, like their minds are somewhere else.

Freinet tells me that Mister Nirushi in particular goes to places where he can be alone and looks to be brooding over something.

What’s on their minds Why do they have those looks on their faces

“Freinet, what happened, to them”

“I don’t know.

I’m a spirit, so I don’t really understand what people think.

But you should probably ask them directly if you’re so curious.”

Says Freinet.

What’s going on with Mister Nirushi and the cat beast people What are they thinking about Can I help

“But I don’t think we should leave them alone when they are making those faces.

They look really troubled by something.”


“Still, I also don’t think you need to be so worried.

You’re not the only one who sees that there is something strange about the way they’re acting.

Don’t think you need to solve this on your own.”

Says Freinet with a smile, and I decide to go talk to Miss Lan.

She’s working on producing more copies of the picture book, and she’s almost ready to put its continuation into production.

She’s also been talking about making more books and setting up a classroom.

This village doesn’t have a lot of kids, but I heard that beast people’s breeding season is not too far.

She says that if the village’s population increases again, we need to have a place like that ready.

Miss Lan sounds very busy, but she’s never looked upset when I go to her for advice.

“What is it Lerunda”

“…Hum, have you noticed, that Mister Nirushi and the other cat beast people, have been acting strange”

“Yes, I have.

I was also curious about that.

They look like they’re feeling down, and like there is something on their minds.

They don’t even respond when I say something…”

Mister Nirushi would deny it, but he gets along very well with Miss Lan.

They often discuss their views about a lot of topics surrounding the village, probably because they argued the first time they met, so they don’t feel like they have to hold back.

Miss Lan stops for a moment, like she’s thinking.

“So… How about we go talk to him tomorrow”


We decide to go see Mister Nirushi tomorrow.

—Girl and people acting strangely – Part one

(The spirit tree has recovered, and the miko’s village is peaceful, but some of its inhabitants seem strange.)


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