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Chapter 192 – Prince and uprising

We have been slowly but surely gathering the beast people prostitutes as well.

I have not yet reached out to people of other races whose freedom was taken away.

People have started calling me ‘beast people crazy prince’ and ‘beast fetishist’, but that barely counts as a problem compared to what the ones who were taken away from their homes and enslaved have gone through.

If my father finds out about this, I will surely die.

Letting beast people live and helping them escape is not something a prince of this country should be doing.

No one would commend someone for going against the king’s orders.

These prostitutes were fearful of my motives at first, but not anymore.

As for Dasha, the cat beast person who has been gathering other beast people, he is still working for their sake without them knowing.

His actions attract hatred from his people as he tries to get humans of high status to like him, so he can try to work from the inside.

I have come to like him as well.

If I can send the beast people he has gathered to the miko as well… This thought crosses my mind, but we still have no confirmation that the first group actually reached the miko.

If I had more power, I could speak my mind to my father directly and defy him, but a prince with such low right of succession cannot do that.

If I had more power, I could make an appeal to end the systematic slavery altogether but… There is no use in thinking about this.

I cannot help but feel powerless.

What should I do now What should I do to make sure I can accomplish my goals

As I think about this, something unexpected happens.

An attack by dragon beast people.

It is a race not often seen in this country.

I have only seen the one my brother enslaved.

These beings are attacking to save their comrade.

My brother was seriously wounded, and apparently the dragon person has escaped.

Other slaves in this country are taking the opportunity to make their move, including people under my care.

I receive a report that slaves are taking advantage of the chaos in the country to escape.

They have been freeing other slaves as well, so their numbers are growing.

I am faced with a choice.

Should I make a move now

If I move alongside the beast people, I will be a traitor, but if I continue acting the way I have, I will at least remain a prince.

Should I come out from behind the shadows and overtly work to free slaves Or should I continue moving slowly, as a prince

I decide to make it seem as though I was attacked by slaves and went missing.

I do not want the persecution of the slaves to continue, but this may lead to my countrymen losing their lives.

Still, I want to help people who lost everything.

This may be an action not fit for a prince, but the die has been cast already.

I have already chosen to help beast people, and it is too late to go back.

All I can do is continue moving forward.

To be completely honest, thinking about Nina makes me hesitate.

My fiancee who I have not had the chance to see a lot recently.

The princess who yelled at me and lit a fire in me.

I asked my subordinate to deliver a message to her, and she has surely cut me off already.

In actuality, Nina knows nothing of what has actually been going on.

I will probably never stand in front of Nina as her fiance ever again, but if possible, I do want to see her again.

With this selfish wish in my heart, I join the rebellion.

I have no idea where this choice will lead me, but it is one I make of my own accord.

At the very least, I want to liberate the slaves.

If they can escape the country, that will be a victory for me, but it won’t actually solve this problem on a fundamental level.

I’m afraid the only way for this issue to be settled would be for me to be king.

This thought crosses my mind as I join the rebel army.

If I was king, I could work towards putting an end to slavery altogether.

Of course, this would not be simple, and if I truly began to chase the throne, I would first have to kill the whole royal family besides myself, or rob them of their power.

I shake these thoughts out of my mind.

Even if these thoughts cross my mind, I do not know if the beast people would approve.

I will first speak with people I know I can trust.

—Prince and uprising

(The prince hears news of a slave revolt, and chooses to join them.)


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