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Chapter 191 – Girl and festival

The spirit tree has recovered, and the spirits are back, so we’re celebrating.

Even the people that can’t see spirits are happy about them.

Seeing the elves crying out of happiness probably has a lot to do with it.

“…There are a lot, that are smaller than you, Freinet.”

“I received magic energy directly when I formed a contract with you.”

Freinet is a little bigger than the spirits that formed contracts with elves.

Apparently it’s because she formed a contract with me.

We’re both in the center of the square, in front of the spirit tree, where the festival is being held.

The elves said they really wanted me to be here, so here I am.

The spirits come to greet me, and I’m happy that we get to be friends.

Phyto does the dance dedicated to the true daughter of god she did before.

Apparently her people see spirits as special beings too, in part because Freinet is contracted to me.

The spirits look very interested in her beautiful dance.

Phyto can’t see spirits, so she doesn’t realize this, but there are a few spirits close to her.

Seeing her dance like this makes me feel excited for some reason.

She says she doesn’t have any power, but that’s not true.

I feel some sort of power coming from her dance.

“So the spirits recovered a lot”

“Gaius… Yes, a lot.”

“I see.

I wish I could see them too.”

Says Gaius as he approaches me while looking around.

He can’t see spirits, but he assumes they’re around here.

The spirits are not where he’s looking, and they look at him like they’re confused and asking what he’s doing.

“Gaius, that’s the wrong direction.”

“Eh Seriously… Hm, I really can’t see them at all.”

Says Gaius with a disappointed tone as he gives up on looking for the spirits and goes to get food.

The decision to hold this festival was made very suddenly, but everyone’s in high spirits and eating things like meat of monsters that people went out to hunt just for the festival, and boiled vegetables.

There’s more, and more extravagant food than usual.

I helped cook it.

Phyto and Mister Ilma both said I didn’t have to do it, but I told them I wanted to and they backed down.

I might be the miko, but I want to work with everyone else.

I really don’t like the idea of sitting back while everyone else does everything.

I feel very strongly about this, so I don’t like it when people tell me I don’t have to do anything because I’m the miko.

I’m going to talk to Miss Lan and Mister Dongu about this later, but now we’re celebrating.


“Phyto… Your dance was great.”

I say to Phyto as she comes back after finishing her dance.

She looks embarrassed.

Afterwards, elves and spirits enter the stage.

I start to wonder what they’re going to do, and they use magic together.

They don’t do anything dangerous, but they do things like create wind and move the earth.

They show off their magic by doing things that are immediately easy to see.

Apparently they’re doing this so the people that can’t see spirits can also feel the fact that they’ve recovered.

“This is great.”

“So this is what happens when they use magic together with the spirits…”

Say the people watching.

Their voices get louder, and the elves on stage look proud.

Looking at this, I can understand a little more why spirits are so important to elves.

It really is great that they’re back together.

Afterwards, elves sing a song dedicated to the spirits, like they did during the singing festival.

The elves have a lot of songs like this, but this is one that they didn’t sing during the singing festival.

Do spirits like songs They look like they’re having fun, and move their bodies in tune with the song.

Other people join in and sing along.

I think everyone wants to sing too because this is a festival celebrating the recovery of the spirits.

It’s just a shame that not everyone can see how much fun the spirits are having.

Still, it’s fun for everyone, including me.

Everyone’s happy, and I’m happy.

“You look like you’re having fun.”

“I am.”

Says Phyto, and I nod.

I can’t help but hope for more days like this.

It’s decided that from now on this day will be known as the ‘Day of the Spirit Tree’, and will be celebrated every year.

—Girl and festival

(The miko’s village celebrates the recovery of the spirit tree, and decides to celebrate it every year.)


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