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Chapter 189 – Girl and the revival of the spirit tree – Part one

The spirit tree was planted in the middle of the village.

It’s the place where the light of life is lit in the spirits that the elves worship.

I’ve been sending magic energy into the spirit tree ever since we planted it, and as a result the tree is now bigger than me and shining just a little bit.

The spirit tree gives off a mystical sort of aura that increases the more the spirit tree recovers.

When I’m next to it, I feel pleasant magic energy coursing through it.

It’s a nice and comfortable place.

Since the spirit tree is positioned right in the middle, it became kind of like a symbol of our village.

We haven’t really explained the spirit tree to Phyto’s people and the winged people, but they seem to understand that it’s important.

But they probably don’t know about the spirits resting inside.

The elves can’t wait for the spirit tree to recover.

They pray every day near the spirit tree or the altar without fail.

When I first met the elves, the spirit tree was really weak thanks to the plant monster, to the point where it could have lost its life.

I’m happy that it’s recovering its strength.

“Normally, it wouldn’t have grown so much in such a short amount of time.

It’s all thanks to your magic energy and because you wish for it to recover.”

“My magic energy and wish”


Your magic energy is very compatible with us spirits, and you’ve been praying for the spirit tree to recover, haven’t you It’s not just the magic energy in the soil, your magic energy and your wishes are what’s allowing the spirit tree to grow so much.”

Says Freinet with a big smile.

The spirits in the spirit tree are still sleeping.

Freinet is the only one that’s awake.

I’m sure she feels lonely, and before I know it, I’m grabbing her hand.

“What’s wrong Lerunda”

“I was just thinking, you must be lonely.

The spirits, are still sleeping.”

“Fufu… Are you worried about me It’s alright, I won’t be lonely as long as you and the others are around.”

Freinet smiles and grabs my hand back.

I was thinking that Freinet was lonely because she is the only one of her kind, but there is also only one miko, so the same could be said about me.

But I don’t feel lonely at all.

I have everyone in this village.

Thinking about it this way, I can understand how Freinet feels.

“Freinet, I hope the spirit tree recovers its energy soon.”


So do I.”

Once the spirit tree recovers, the spirits can start flying around in the village.

I get excited as I imagine that.

But no one wants to see the spirit tree and the spirits recover more than the elves.

They really can’t wait for the day when they recover.

As I talk with Freinet, the comfy magic energy coming from the spirit tree makes me sleepy.

She suggests we take a nap, and I fall asleep next to the spirit tree.

A spirit like Freinet doesn’t need to sleep, but she can if she wants to, so she joins me.


“Ah… This is…”

I hear voices.

They’re calling me, but that’s not all.

They sound surprised.

I can tell there’s a murmur around me.

Did something happen

I open my eyes, and I’m surprised by what I see.

There’s light all around me, but it’s actually a lot of individual lights.

The elves look moved to tears, and incredibly happy, and near them… There’s light.

They’re spirits.

Near the elves are spirits like Freinet.

“…Is this…”

A question escapes my mouth.

I just woke up, so my mind can’t catch up.

“Lerunda, behind you.”


Says Freinet, and when I turn around I see the spirit tree, but it looks different.

It was glittering more.

Most of the spirits that were inside aren’t there.

I finally understand what’s happening.

“The spirit tree, was restored”

Before we fell asleep, we were talking about how we wanted the spirit tree to recover, but we didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

I guess you could say it’s a happy miscalculation.

When I realize the spirit tree has recovered, I wake up completely.

—Girl and the revival of the spirit tree – Part one

(The miko sends magic energy into the spirit tree every day, and as a result, the spirit tree has been restored.)


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