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Chapter 181 – Girl and morning with the priest

“Good morning Miss Lerunda!”

“…Good morning Mister Ilma.

You don’t have to rush here, every morning.”

Now that Mister Ilma is free, he comes here every morning.

He’s here first thing in the morning to say hello, and I’ve told him many times that he doesn’t have to do that, but…

“No, if Miss Lerunda, the miko is here, not greeting her as soon as possible is nothing short of blasphemy!”

…I really don’t understand Mister Ilma.

Not saying hello to me right away is blasphemy Even if I’m the miko, that’s still just a part of me, and in the end, I’m just a kid.

That’s why his attitude is so confusing to me, and the fact that I can’t understand his thought process and don’t know what he’ll do is what makes it a little scary.

It’s also what led to me not wanting to face him.

Even now that I face him directly and talk to him, I still don’t understand how he thinks or his devotion.

But even if I can’t understand it, I can face Mister Ilma.

“…I see… Then do as you want Mister Ilma.”

“Yes! I will!!”

“Lerunda… If you say it like that, he really will do anything he wants, you know If you don’t like something, say so.”

Mister Ilma responds to me very energetically, but Miss Shehan looks at me with concern.

She treats me like a regular kid, so it’s a lot easier to talk to her.

It’s not like I hate Mister Ilma, but the way he’s always talking to me about miko this and that, just leaves me perplexed.

Mister Ilma is always here in the morning, and Miss Shehan is always right behind him, no matter how early it is.

I feel like she isn’t the kind of person that likes to get close to others, but I also get the feeling that she’s always with Mister Ilma.

I see her train from time to time too, and it’s incredible.

She doesn’t just swing a sword, she’s what people call a magic swordsman.

She’s the rare type of person that’s good with a sword and can use magic.

She uses magic on her sword and makes it a lot stronger than normal.

It’s really cool.

I go to the well to get water.

We all worked to build this well.

I wash my face with water from the well.

Mister Ilma is following me, and Miss Shehan is following Mister Ilma.

He looks at me with a glitter in his eyes no matter what I’m doing.

I get the feeling that every time I do something he’s thinking ‘as expected from the miko’.

I feel like if everyone around me acted like him, I would’ve become really spoiled.

I think about my sister, and breathe a sigh of relief.

I haven’t thought about her in a while.

Everyone always said yes to her, but since I was never allowed to go near her, I don’t really know her very well.

All I know is that people always agreed with her, and she was loved by everyone around her.

Everything revolved around her, and that’s why she was always so full of confidence.

She was taken as the miko, and then Miss Lan was expelled.

I wonder how she’s doing now.

“What is the matter Miss miko”


I was just thinking.

Don’t worry.”

I say to Mister Ilma.

Mister Ilma worships me, so I don’t know what he’ll think or do if I get careless and talk without thinking.

He follows me around most mornings, but doesn’t actually talk more than he needs, and neither does Miss Shehan.

They’re silent a lot of the time.

Apparently he doesn’t want to interact with me as much as he wants to stay by my side and serve me… Of course, if I say no he’ll go do something else, but…

Having him following me all the time would be a problem for me, so he only does it in the morning.

He says he really wants to be by my side and serve me as soon as I wake up, so he’s here with Miss Shehan most mornings.

Yes, there’s a lot about him I don’t understand, but he’s not really bothering me, so lately I’ve been spending most mornings with Mister Ilma and Miss Shehan, but a lot of times the gryphons, Scifo, and others are here too.

—Girl and morning with the priest

(The miko has been seeing the priest in the morning lately, with the magic swordsman right behind him.)


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