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Chapter 180 – The educator’s records – Part four

[Records regarding the miko]

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

There is still a lot I do not know about the miko, and much I want to learn.

A priest by the name of Ilma, from the kingdom of Fairytrof, is now living in this village.

However, his adoration of Lerunda is so intense, that we worry about him acting recklessly, and only agreed to let him live in the village if he stayed in his house.

But Lerunda has grown, and she decided to face him despite our apprehensions.

Seeing Lerunda’s growth first-hand makes me very happy.

Lerunda is now ten years old, and has also grown physically since the first time I met her.

Adults stay the same, but children grow so fast.

I look forward to seeing her slowly develop into an adult woman.

Our relationship with the other village has changed.

We learned about the circumstances surrounding Phyto, and much to my surprise, we also learned that the daughter of god they speak of is most likely a miko that appeared long ago.

This daughter of god lived a long time ago, and they have since been worshiping girls who pretend to have the same power.

The current ‘daughter of god’ has received Lerunda’s blessing, and became what we call a knight of the miko.

We still have not determined what exactly she can do, but from what we can tell, Phyto seems to have as little fighting ability as me.

This means the power given to her must have manifested in some other way,

Gaius can now turn into a wolf and use magic.

I also hear that he can almost run through the sky when he is in his wolf form.

We also met winged people, who came to us because they are interested in Lerunda.

They would have no interest in us if Lerunda was not here, so I truly feel this place revolves around her.

Her influence brings everyone together, and she is the reason why we are living here.

The more time I spend with her, the more I see that she influences the world around us in many ways.

Something very sad happened.

The one we call grandma, the oldest person in the village, has passed away.

She passed away peacefully, but losing someone is always a painful experience, no matter how many times we go through it.

This is one of many experiences that is leading Lerunda’s growth little by little.

We adults have to watch over her, and make sure she does not go down a wrong path.

She is the miko, but she is also a human capable of making mistakes.

I think it is best to have more adults who watch over her, rather than simply agree with everything.

I have learned something about the range of her power.

When the people of the other village became important to her and she wished to protect them, the range of her power grew.

This indicates that the range of her influence is dependent on her feelings.

When she was in the kingdom of Fairytrof, the entire country was influenced by her, probably because she saw her village as part of the kingdom.

If this village was part of a country, said country would probably also receive her blessing.

Still, this is only a village for now, but since Lerunda and Gaius’ goal is to create a place where the people they love won’t be in danger, this place will probably turn into a country one day.

I look forward to that.

Lerunda is the miko, and she will continue to influence the world in various ways, especially as she takes action to accomplish her goal.

The village is growing, and so is its population.

We have no way of knowing if it will continue to prosper, and we fear that some country may one day attack us.

Can this village handle that when the time comes We need to be better prepared.

We have not been attacked by monsters because Lerunda is here, but we could be attacked by people.

Lerunda’s magic continues to get stronger and more varied.

She could most likely overpower someone if she so desired.

She may have to make the decision to kill someone someday, and I want to be there and help her face this fact directly if that time comes.

—The educator’s records – Part four

(The educator continues writing her records about the miko, and looks forward to seeing how she will progress now that she is ten years old.)


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