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Chapter 174 – The girl confronts a problem

I’m practicing using fire magic, but I can’t stop practicing my wind magic either.

Wind magic is the easiest magic for me to use.

I can use wind magic to float in the air like Freinet and Reimar, and it’s becoming easier to do.

I think it’s because I’m getting used to it.

I can’t fly freely through the sky like the winged people but still, I can fly.

I’m human, but I can move in the air even though I don’t have wings.

I’m especially happy about this on days when the weather is nice.

I can stay in the air with Freinet and Reimar, underneath the blue sky while feeling the smell of nature.

I like walking in the forest, but doing it in the sky is another kind of fun altogether.

It feels really nice.

As I look down at the place where we live, I can see places I can’t see from the ground, and discover new things.

“Being in the sky, feels nice.”


(The sky is a nice place.)”


It feels very nice.”

Reimar and Freinet agree.

For a gryphon like Reimar and a spirit of the wind like Freinet, flying freely through the sky is something that feels very natural.

Being able to stroll around in the sky with them is really nice.

I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment as I do something I never thought was possible for me.

It just makes me want to do more and more things.

“Sorry, I can’t go faster.”


(Don’t worry about that.)”

“It’s alright.”

I think Reimar and Freinet are very nice for slowing down so I can keep up with them.

The fact that they’re so nice makes me want to keep improving.

“Guruguru, guru.

(I have a question, Lerunda.)”


“Gurugurugurururururu (What are you planning to do about that priest)”

“Mister Ilma”

We stop, and I look at Reimar, who looks back at me.

“Gurugururururu, ruru (You can’t keep him locked up forever, can you)”


The priest Mister Ilma, and the magic swordsman Miss Shehan are almost always in their house, at our request.

This is because we don’t know what kind of things Mister Ilma will do, or what will happen when he meets Phyto, who was called the daughter of god.

Relations between our village and Phyto’s people have been improving.

We were worried because we thought they might start acting rashly, but Phyto is doing a good job talking to them.

She’s doing her best to make sure they don’t do things I don’t want them to do, while convincing themselves it’s for my sake.

When we first found Mister Ilma, Miss Lan told me he will probably do anything I order him to do, and that he will probably try to make something I said come true even if I didn’t mean it.

Those fears are why we don’t let them roam around freely.

Still, I’m going to have to face this problem.

Phyto is facing her people and talking them down from doing things we don’t want them to do.

It’s her resolve that’s making things go so well between us.

I can’t just turn away from this problem while she’s working so hard.

Everything that happened with Phyto and her people made me realize something.

I’m not confident that I can deal with Mister Ilma well, or stop him from acting on his own.

Because of this, I’ve been running away from this problem ever since we accepted them into our village.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that keeping Mister Ilma confined to his house is not going to solve this problem.

“…I’m going to live as the miko, and use the miko’s powers to protect everyone.

That’s what I decided.”

I accepted that I’m the miko, and decided to use the miko’s powers, so I can’t leave things the way they are.

“…I need to face, Mister Ilma, and talk.

I’ll make sure, mister Ilma doesn’t do anything rash, even after he starts going out.

If I can do that, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Mister Ilma has a lot of ‘faith’ in me.

We’re worried that he will start acting rashly and do things I don’t want him to do, but if I do a good job, he won’t do anything bad.


(Good Luck Lerunda.)”

“Good luck.

Remember Lerunda, we’re by your side.”

Reimar and Freinet reassure me.

We continue our stroll through the sky for a little longer, but when we go back to the village, I decide to start working towards facing Mister Ilma right away.

—The girl confronts a problem

(After the issue with the daughter of god is settled, the miko decides to face the priest.)


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