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Chapter 170 – Cat and meeting

I know of a strange prince.

This prince led the attack on our village but… There is something strange about him lately.

I’ve been secretly looking into what he’s been doing.

Having that said, I have no one to help me, so I’ve been doing it on my own.

There’s a limit to how much I can investigate on my own about what has been going on around this prince, but I have no intention of telling anyone what I’m thinking.

I’ve been gathering beast people, but I can’t see myself going beyond that, at least not now.

If I tell anyone how I really feel, and what I’m trying to do, I could very well be putting everyone in danger.

I’m trying to act in a way that will make humans trust me, so I want them to think of me as a good pawn.

But I’m walking a tightrope.

I don’t know what will happen if they discover that what I really want to do is save beast people, so I try to find out more about this prince in secret.

However, he is royalty, even if he’s the seventh prince, and he finds out about me.

I thought I was doing well, but I am caught by someone close to him.

What’s strange is that it’s all done in secret, and I’m taken to the seventh prince.

The seventh prince, Hicked Migha.

This man with beautiful silver hair is staring directly at me.

…He’s the prince who gave the orders to attack our village… But I’ve also heard that he doesn’t treat people badly after capturing them.


He says to me, while I stand in front of him bound.

Being caught means they will probably find out about all sorts of things about me and what I’ve been doing.

My heart won’t stop rustling with fear of what might happen to everyone but… I can’t show that insecurity to him.

“You… What are you thinking”

He asks.

“What do you mean what I’m just doing what I want.”

I respond.

I don’t want to tell Hicked Migha or his associates anything, even if I die.

I want to save everyone even if I rot.

“Can you leave us alone”

Says Hicked Migha, much to my surprise.

His associates seem hesitant, but he says it’s fine with a strong tone, and they excuse themselves.

I’m bound, but I’m still a beast person, and I’m stronger than a human.

I don’t understand why he would want to be left alone with someone like me.

What is he thinking He’s been acting so strangely.

“You can stay quiet and just listen to what I have to say.”

He says.

“I gave the order to go after you and your people.

That is undeniable.

I’ve never even dreamed of going against my father.

To me, his orders were always absolute, and what I wanted did not matter at all.

But after I met a certain someone, I started thinking about what I actually want to do.”

The prince tells me for some reason.

“And that is why… I want to save beast people.”

He says something I wasn’t expecting at all, and continues.

“If the rumors are true… And you really are selling your soul to humans, I might be ruined.

But I am telling you this because I believe there is more to you than that.”

The prince says he doesn’t think I’ve sold my soul to humans.

“I disobeyed my father’s command to dispose of beast people, and have been letting them escape instead, while pretending to follow his orders..

There are still beast people left, but I sent some to the miko.

I saw the person I believe to be the miko with beast people, so I think she is their friend.”

I’ve heard of this miko.

It’s the being that was secured by the kingdom next door, which then led to the kingdom of Migha attacking our village.

They fear that the kingdom next door is gaining power, and decided to enslave more people.

In the end, the supposed miko they secured turned out to be a fake, and this caused a lot of panic and confusion.

So the real miko is with beast people

I didn’t know about this.

Did this prince see that but choose not to report it

“If anyone discovers this, I will be disposed of.

This may not be enough to atone for my sins, but I have decided to follow my will and save beast people.

That is why we should cooperate, since our goals are the same.

Tell me what you are thinking.

I will not do anything bad to you.”

Says the prince as he looks directly at me.

His eyes show no hesitation, and it doesn’t look like he’s lying.

I stay quiet for a while.


After thinking about what I should do, I respond.

—Cat and meeting

(The cat has been carrying everything on his shoulders without a single ally.

He is caught by the prince, meets him, and…)


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