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Chapter 169 – Girl and singing festival – Part three

It’s my turn.

I get on stage, and feel a little embarrassed because everyone’s looking at me.

But even though it’s embarrassing, it feels warm.

I like everyone here, and maybe that’s why I’m so happy even though I can’t get used to standing in front of them like this.


I start singing a song I remember hearing.

Singing is fun, and it makes me happy for some reason.

There are a lot of times when I suddenly notice that I’m humming unintentionally.

I guess it can be said that singing is my hobby.

I want to hear more songs.

I want to learn more songs.

I want to try singing lots of new songs.

These feelings start welling up inside my heart.

I’m happy that I have a lot of things I want to do.

Everyone claps when I end my song.

I feel like the spirit tree is happy too.

As I finish my song and feel the wind blowing, I hope it recovers soon, and the elves get to reunite with the spirits again.

Some adult beast people go on stage after me.

Among them is Miss Sinorn, who sings the same way as Shinomi.

Some sing songs praising gryphons.

The gryphons look embarrassed, but I like these songs.

Then the winged people sing.

Since they can fly, they sing about adoring the sky, the scenery they see when they fly, and what I think are songs directed at their god.

They say looking at me is like looking at their god, but what is their god

Going by their songs, their god sounds really strong.

Hearing their songs makes my heart race with excitement.

I don’t think the winged people think much of people that can’t fly, but they’re taking part in the festival because I asked.

I want to know more about them.

I hope we can be friends, even if it’s hard.

That’s why I want to know more.

I feel like we’ll be closer if I know more about them.

We’re near the end, and it’s Phyto’s turn to sing.

She sings a song I think is directed at the true daughter of god while dancing.

I think the dance is dedicated to the true daughter of god too.

She’s wearing an outfit only worn for this purpose and steps lightly.

That dance is really beautiful.

I can’t take my eyes off it.

I get a little embarrassed when she dances while looking directly at me.

I think that dance might be for me.

That’s the feeling I get when I look at her eyes.

I’m impressed by how good Phyto is at dancing.

I’d like to dance that way too.

Maybe I’ll practice later.

It’d be nice if we could dance together.

Her dance is very mystical and beautiful.

There’s something beautiful and meaningful about offering a dance to someone.

Phyto’s people have been doing this dance for a long time.

Even the winged people are impressed, and start clapping.

Some people sing after Phyto, and then the festival is over.

Phyto’s song and dance are what sticks out to me the most.

She says she has no power, and that her title of daughter of god doesn’t mean anything, but I think her voice and dancing look like a sort of power to me.

After the festival, it’s time to tidy up.

I think hearing people sing helped us learn a little about each other.

Their songs tell us about their people and their journeys, and how they feel and what they think.

Songs really are interesting.

Tidying up afterwards is tiring, but it’s still fun to do while talking to everyone.

“Miss Lan, thank you.

It was lots of fun.”

“Fufu, that’s great.”

Miss Lan smiles after I thank her.

I love her kind smile.

“Let’s do this again.”


“Yes, it was a very fun event.

Everyone enjoyed themselves… And I found myself looking forward to doing it again as well.”

“I can’t wait!”

I’m really happy to be talking with Miss Lan about doing another singing festival.

I’m going to think of ideas for next time, and tell them all to Mister Dongu and Miss Lan.

I’m sure the next one will be even more fun.

—Girl and singing festival – Part three

(The miko enjoys the singing festival, and realizes once again how fun singing can be.

She looks forward to the next festival.)


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