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Chapter 168 – Girl and singing festival – Part two

It’s the day of the singing festival, and the weather is nice.

The festival is going to be taking place outside.

We don’t have a big building that could host it, but maybe it would be fun to make it someday.

I’m really happy that I’m finding all these new things I want to do.

I’m so excited about the singing festival.

What kind of songs is everyone going to sing Phyto’s people know songs I’ve never heard, so I’m looking forward to that too.

The gryphons and Scifo are going to sing their favorites, and I really like that too.

Everyone looks like they’re having fun, and so am I.

I used to only know songs I would happen to hear in the village where I grew up, but as I meet new people and hear them sing, the number of songs I know is slowly increasing.

Singing is fun, so I’m happy that we’re having this event.

Now that I think about it, I met Gaius because I was singing with Scifo.

That just makes me like singing even more.

If I didn’t meet Gaius then, my relationship with beast people would probably be very different.

Maybe we would’ve still met, but it wouldn’t be the same.

“Our first singing festival will now begin.


Says Miss Lan loudly.

She’s the host.

She says in the city there is a tool that makes someone’s voice reach people even if they’re really far, but we don’t have that, so Freinet is helping her voice reach everyone with her wind magic.

Some people are very surprised to see magic being used like this, but if we can use magic, I want to use it in this way too.

I’m glad Freinet agreed when I asked her.

I think magic can be useful in our daily lives.

Miss Lan starts the singing festival.

Gaius is with me, but he isn’t going to sing either, he’s just here as a spectator.

I asked him to participate with me, but he said no because he’s too embarrassed.

It’s too bad, but I’m happy he’s sitting next to me, and that we can watch the festival together.

The festival starts with a duet sung by a man and a woman named Ondai and Sailaryu.

They’re both elves, and have really beautiful singing voices.

A lot of elves have lovely voices, and it’s comforting to hear them sing.

I hear that they’re husband and wife.

They don’t have children because it’s hard for elves to have children, but they’re a nice couple.

The tone of their voices go great together.

All the elves’ songs are about praising spirits.

They sing them with the wish that the spirits resting in the spirit tree recover quickly.

Wind starts blowing around the spirit tree.

I think it might be because the spirits resting inside are happy about the elves’ song.

Shinomi is next.

Her voice sounds really kind and nice.

She sings a song passed down through generations of beast people about surviving in the forest.

Beast people’s songs are mostly about fighting and surviving, but also about gryphons.

Next, it’s the little gryphons.



Four little gryphons sing with cute voices.

Even I don’t know what they’re saying, but everyone is soothed by their cute voices anyway.

They’re so cute, I wish I could hug them forever.

They’re a little bigger than they were when I first met them, but now that I think about it, Gaius is taller too.

I should be getting taller too, but the height difference between me and Gaius keeps getting bigger.

Beast people are taller and have good physical build, so I think Gaius is going to get even taller.



The little gryphons sing just to have fun, and just looking at them makes me smile.

After the little gryphons finish their song, it’s Scifo’s turn.


Scifo sings proudly, but his singing sounds different than everyone else’s.

Miss Lan whispers that he’s tone deaf, but he’s having fun, and that’s all that matters.”


This is fun, isn’t it, Gaius”


I say, and Gaius responds with a smile.

Eventually, my turn comes.

—Girl and singing festival – Part two

(The singing festival begins in the miko’s village.

She has fun listening to everyone singing.)


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