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Chapter 166 – Girl and happy news

We tell people in the village about Phyto receiving a blessing.

It’s obvious something is different because her hair changed color.

But we still don’t know what kind of power she received.

We don’t have a lot of examples of ‘miko’s knights’ in the first place, so no one knows how Phyto changed.

It doesn’t look like Phyto herself is too bothered by it.

She just says that becoming a ‘miko’s knight’ in itself is going to make it easier for her to work.

Miss Lan is overflowing with excitement.

It’s like Phyto became the subject of her research, and she keeps running around her and looking at her.

Afterwards, Phyto went to her people’s village.

I didn’t go with her, so I don’t know exactly what they said, but Mister Dongu says that even though they learned that Phyto is just a girl with no powers, they now treat her as a special person because she received my blessing, and is connected to the daughter of god.

From what I hear, she did a good job talking to them.

Mister Dongu says she stood in front of them and explained everything confidently in her own words.

Phyto says she wants to keep in contact with her people while staying in our village to support me.

She is told not to act on her own, but she is now free to walk around the village.

“I don’t really understand, blessings.”

“Yes, there is still a lot we don’t know.

There aren’t many records left about previous miko either.

That’s why I want to learn more from Phyto about this true daughter of god that was apparently a miko as well.”

Miss Lan’s eyes light up as she responds to my mumbling.

She really becomes fired up when she wants to learn something, and she’s really interested in miko.

Scifo and Wason are with us, and they look a little amazed.


(She’s excited.)”


(She really likes her research.)”

They say.

I really like how earnest Miss Lan is about what she wants to do.

She’s been asking Phyto a lot of questions, because people like Phyto who are made out to be the daughter of god are taught a lot about the true daughter of god, who lived a long time ago.

Miss Sinorn says she’s worried about Miss Lan.

She says Miss Lan will be twenty three soon, but only thinks about her research and doesn’t care about getting married.

Apparently she’s not the only one worried about that either.

I don’t really understand, but apparently everyone gets married in their twenties.

Some commoners get married later, but Miss Lan was a noble, so a lot of people used to say she should get married soon or she wouldn’t be able to have children.

“But it’s fine.

There is a lot I want to learn, and more important things to do.”

Says Miss Lan with a sharp expression, when I ask her if she’s not going to get married.

Am I going to get married too when I grow up I don’t understand that sort of thing at all.

What’s it like to get married All the married people in this village look happy, and I think it’s nice when I see them together.

Having a nice family seems good.

I think of the gryphons, Scifo, and Freinet too as family, but I guess if I get married I’ll have a different kind of family.

I’m a little interested in that.

It’s about this time that I receive some happy news.


Yes, I hear that one of the elves living in our village, Miss Wetani, is carrying a child in her belly.

It’s a lot harder for elves to have children than beast people, and Mister Sileva says it’s been a long time since a new elf was born.

He sounds very happy.

I feel happy too.

Yes… People pass away, but new lives are also born.

Grandma passed away, but there is a new life growing inside Miss Wetani, and someone new for us to meet.

I’m thrilled as I think about this.

I put my hand on Miss Wetani’s belly, and feel it pulsating.

…A new life.

Someone new is waiting to be born… I’m so happy.

—Girl and happy news

(The miko hears the happy news about a new life growing inside one of the elves.)


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