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Chapter 161 – Girl, the hostage, and her people – Part four

Phyto looks confused after hearing the word miko.

Phyto and her people were chased out into the forest by the kingdom of Migha, but I doubt they were living very close to Migha.

They have their own culture, so they probably don’t know the word miko, but the way they describe this ‘daughter of god’ really does remind me of the being known as the miko.

“To us, the miko is a being loved by god, who has special powers and brings blessings to the world.

I think there is a good chance that what you call daughter of god is the same being we call miko.

If this is true, that explains your people’s continued existence.”

Miss Lan says with a sparkle in her eyes.

She looks really excited to be making a new discovery.

“It is said that even after the miko is gone, the land and the people she loves will still be blessed.

The miko is not all powerful, but her blessing lingers.

This true daughter of god you speak of… Probably cared deeply for your people.

That is why you managed to survive even after being chased away from your land.”

Miss Lan says, and then continues.

“I really want to know just how long ago this true daughter of god lived.

You were chased from your land and were left without a home, but your people lived while preserving your culture.

If this is related to miko, the miko’s power really is incredible.

I want to know more about this.

It’s all so fascinating.”

“Miss Lan, you’re getting off track.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.

As interesting as this is, we should put it aside for now…

I believe the miko and this daughter of god you speak of are in fact the same being.

The kingdoms of Migha and Fairytrof both call this being miko, but it would not be strange if other places had their own names.

After all, we humans were the ones who came up with the name miko to describe this being with special powers who is loved by god.

We only have records of a few miko that have existed throughout history, but perhaps there are more, such as your true daughter of god.

There may be more who lived in this world and left their mark on it before leaving it, but were called something else.

The idea of the title of daughter of god being inherited is also interesting.

The miko is not a being that exists in this world at all times, so even if someone inherits the title, they will not gain their powers.”

Miss Lan is very excited, but it sounds like she’s trying to stay calm.

“I think the being you know as the daughter of god is the reason why your people have persevered.

Because you are loved by her, your people and your culture never collapsed.

You can call it protection or guidance, but you were brought to Lerunda.

I believe there has to be a reason for this.”

Miss Lan is done saying what she had to say.

This being they call the daughter of god loves them, and that’s why they managed to get away and not be destroyed as a society.

Even after they lost their homes, they lived while preserving their culture.

And then they reached the miko, me.

Is there a meaning to that Is it just a coincidence Did this true daughter of god guide them here I don’t know, but Miss Lan says they were brought here for a reason.

Miss Lan looks my way, and so does Phyto, who was listening closely to Miss Lan.

“…Miko, daughter of god… They do appear to be the same… The true daughter of god, and the being called miko, are probably the same… Lerunda.”

Phyto looks directly at me while saying my name.

“…Lerunda, are you this… Miko Like our god”

She asks, but it sounds like she’s sure what the answer is.

Looking at Miss Lan, I think she’s regretting saying too much.

She said so much because she was excited, and now Phyto is convinced I’m the miko.

I answer with a silent nod.

—Girl, the hostage, and her people – Part four

(The miko is asked a question by the hostage girl, and quietly nods.)


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