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Chapter 160 – The sister and an incident

I’m staying in a mansion with Princess Ninaev, but I’m not happy about something.

I want to go outside and talk to people there, not just people here in the mansion.

I want to make up for all the trouble I’ve caused, but Princess Ninaev won’t let me go outside.

She gives me all sorts of reasons, but she probably just doesn’t want me to leave.

Why’s that

I… Want to listen to her and not just act on my own, but…

“…Is it because Princess Ninaev doesn’t trust me”

This makes me sad, but it’s natural that she won’t trust me so easily.

I spent so much time doing whatever I wanted and not thinking about anyone else.

And I don’t think I would’ve ever realized how bad that was if that whole situation didn’t happen to me.

Still, I can’t help but be a little sad.

…Sadness, loneliness… I never felt those emotions before Princess Ninaev took me in.

Everyone always believed in me, and it was natural for people to be by my side.

But now that I think about it, my sister… Lerunda probably felt like this all the time.

I didn’t think about this back then, but Lerunda was always alone.

I always wore nice clothes, but Lerunda wore rags.

We’re twins, but my birthday was always just that, my birthday and not hers.

People in the village, including our parents, only celebrated mine.

Looking at it this way, it’s natural that Princess Ninaev doesn’t trust me, and it’s natural that I’m feeling these negative emotions I’ve never felt before.

Still, I’m filled with motivation to go around and listen to the wishes of the people I’ve troubled, so not being able to go outside is tough.

I want to abide by Princess Ninaev’s words, so I try to bury these feelings of wanting to just go outside anyway.

As I think about this, someone talks to me.

It’s the man who was recently hired as a gardener.

He’s a nice man, and he brings me freshly picked fruit.

“If you want to go outside that badly, I can take you with me.

It won’t hurt to go to town for a bit.”

He says with a nice tone.

But Princess Ninaev took me in after all I’ve done.

I wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for her.

I can’t just ignore her.


I need Princess Ninaev’s permission…”

“It’s just for a bit.

I’m sure Princess Ninaev will smile and forgive you when you tell her about it later.”

He says as he holds my hand.

Princess Ninaev probably wouldn’t even notice if I left for just a little bit.

Even if she did, she’s very nice, so I’m sure she’d forgive me.

These possibilities run around inside my mind, and I start to think that maybe it will be alright if I go out.

But in the end…

“No, I’m only going outside when Princess Ninaev says it’s alright.

I’m sorry.

I’m glad you want to go outside with me, but I can’t do that now.”

I respond.

I don’t want to go out without Princess Ninaev’s permission.

I don’t want her to hate me for not keeping my promise.

I thought the nice gardener would let go of my hand if I said no, but…

“Ah, I’m tired of this.”

He says with a harsh tone while pulling me hard by the hand.

“Eh, wai… What are you doing! I said I don’t want to go!!”

I yell in surprise, but a big hand covers my mouth.

Why is he doing this I’m scared.

This is terrifying.

But I can’t do anything as he carries me away.

Even if I resist, he’s way stronger than me.

Why What’s going to happen

As I’m being crushed with fear, I hear someone’s voice.

“What are you doing!!”

It’s one of the waiting maids that looks after me.

Right after I hear her voice, the man tosses me away.

I hear him running away as I hit the floor.

It hurts.

My body is aching all over.

The shock and the pain make me lose consciousness.

—The sister and an incident

(The miko’s sister took a new step forward under the princess’ care, but an unpleasant incident happened.)


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