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Chapter 152 – Girl and grandma – Part one

I really like these peaceful days.

It’s so much fun relaxing with everyone.

There are a lot of things to feel anxious about when I start thinking about the future, but I still think things are heading in a positive direction.

I wake up, and get a strange feeling.

Something I’ve never felt before.

Usually I either feel like something good or something bad is about to happen, but this time it’s different.

I wash my face and go talk to miss Lan, but when I open the door to her room, I see her sleeping at her desk.

She has a bed, but apparently she fell asleep while putting something together.

“Miss Lan… It’s morning.”


I’m having trouble waking her up.

When did she fall asleep last night I don’t know, because I went to bed early.

Judging by how she’s sleeping, I’m guessing she stayed up late.

“Miss Lan…”

“Hn… Is it morning…”

She says with a sleepy voice while raising her head.

“Yes, it’s morning.

Good morning.”

“Ah… Good morning Lerunda.”

I go get breakfast while she washes her face.

This village isn’t very big and doesn’t have that many people, so we all cook together.

Sometimes we make our own food too, but today I’m going out to get breakfast.

I’m bringing miss Lan’s food too, and I see the gryphons and Scifo eating something they hunted.

I eat with a lot of different people, and today I’m eating with miss Lan.

We start eating when she comes back, after washing her face.

Today’s breakfast has a lot of wild plants, and it’s really good.

We eat quietly.

I really like this time.

After we’re done eating, we start talking.

“Miss Lan, are mister Villa and the others, coming again today”

“I think so.”

They come see me almost every day.

Apparently they want to stay by my side, and ever since we accepted them, they find our village a lot easier.

Having that said, they can’t come in large numbers.

I’m sure this is the miko’s power, but I don’t really understand how it works.

How does it decide how many people can come It really is strange.

Mister Villa and his people can feel that I’m special.

I think people having wings is weird, so I look at their wings closely, but I can’t touch them.

Maybe they’ll let me touch them if we become closer.

“Those people think you are special.

When you really think about it, they are just like me.

I left my country because I wanted to be with you, and here I am.

They were curious about you, and wanted to be with you as well, just like me.

…But they are not as direct about it as that priest.

Mister Ilma worships you, and the way he hangs on to your every word can be dangerous, but the winged people don’t seem to go that far.

Still… It’s hard not to be wary of them, since they have the power to fly.

But you don’t get a bad feeling from them right That means they will most likely not cause harm.”


Mister Ilma still surprises me with the way he acts… I wish I could do something to make him calmer, but it’s not so easy.

And even though we understand why it’s said that Phyto can talk to god, we still don’t know if we should let them meet.

I hope everyone can get along.

I wonder when we can let them meet…

“Is mister Ilma… Going to calm down, eventually”

“Who knows I hope he does with time.”


We talk as we go outside, and not long after, Gaius comes running.

“Lerunda! Miss Lan!”

“What is it, Gaius”

I haven’t seen him so panicked in a long time.

What he says next makes my mind go blank.

“Grandma collapsed!!”

Grandma collapsed

I don’t immediately understand what those words mean.

—Girl and grandma – Part one

(The miko has a peaceful morning, before receiving bad news.)


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