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Chapter 151 – Girl and range

Phyto can’t see her people, but mister Dongu says they’re going to see how things develop and start making arrangements.

Her people didn’t tell the winged people a single thing about me.

I really think they want to be our friends, and I really want to take good care of them too.

It’s probably because I feel that way that recently their crops became better, and they haven’t been attacked by monsters.

I was surprised when miss Lan told me about that.



The miko’s power really is strange and interesting.”

Miss Lan smiles, and looks like she’s full of curiosity.

She loves studying, so making a new discovery like this makes her very happy.

“But why”

“I assume it happened because you accepted them and see them as friends.

The fact that your influence reaches anyone you accept really shows how incredible the miko’s power is.”

Says miss Lan, and she continues.

“The entire kingdom of Fairytrof received the influence of the miko, most likely because you saw your village as a part of Fairytrof.

Your influence extends to places where you think you belong, or maybe places you see as friendly.

The miko really is a remarkable being.

And now those winged people are interested in you.

I believe you are very compatible with beings related to the sky or wind.

If this is indeed true, I can only assume one day you will be able to fly freely through the skies as well.”

I’m slowly getting better at floating, and I can even move a little now, but I can’t fly like the winged people.

But I would be really happy if I could fly like the winged people one day.

Would I get along better with them if I could fly I really want to get better at floating and flying.

“I wonder what is the maximum range of the miko’s power.

How far can it reach… There is still a lot we do not know about the ‘miko’s knights’ as well.

There should be a limit to how many ‘knights’ the miko can have.

And what exactly will happen to them… Hmm…”

Miss Lan seems lost in her thoughts.

She really likes learning about all sorts of things.

She mumbles as she starts taking notes.

She was the one who wanted to start making paper, and she’s gotten pretty good at it.

She uses it to write about a lot of things, including me.

I think she wants to put it all together in a book.

I’ve also heard that she along with grandma are making books to help kids like me learn.

Having that said, there aren’t that many kids in this village.

No one had children in the last three years.

Beast people generally have fewer children than humans, and there’s a period called ‘breeding season’ when it’s easier for them to have children.

The elves have even less children than beast people.

Still, I’m sure children will be born here eventually, and miss Lan and grandma are doing their best to make sure they can learn more easily.

“Miss Lan.”

I call out to her as she’s mumbling.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I got lost in my thoughts.

What is it”

“Does that range depend on what I’m thinking”

“Yes, but you probably control it unconsciously.

Even if for some reason you tried to put on a front, I imagine that influence works according to your real feelings.”

“…That’s scary.”

Influencing things and people unconsciously… That’s alright if it’s a good influence, but scary if it’s a bad influence.

“Yes… Having really strong powers can be scary.

But you can just be yourself and not be afraid.

I’m sure nothing bad will happen if you face that power instead of being afraid of it.”


Facing my own power.

If I do that, I won’t have to be afraid of it.

Miss Lan’s words make me feel better.

I nod, and decide to do my best to not run away from it.

—Girl and range

(The miko talks about the range of her power, and feels strongly that she has to face this power.)


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