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Chapter 149 – Girl and the winged ones – Part three

They say they can’t leave me, and want to be involved with me.

These words led to them being accepted into our village, but with a few conditions.

Mister Dongu and the others still aren’t sure if they’re telling the truth.

My intuition tells me we can trust them, but mister Dongu and the others don’t feel that the same way I do, so they let them stay by my side with a few conditions.

For now, the man that spoke with mister Dongu first will be coming to our village.

This man named Villa says he wants to stay with me, so he’s going to be under watch, but he’s generally allowed to go with me when I go somewhere.

I was worried that mister Villa would be like mister Ilma, and would want to make everything I say come true, but these winged people don’t seem that obsessed.

They are interested in me, but I’m not the most important thing in the world to them or anything.

“Mister Villa, why are you interested, in me”

“…I don’t know, but… I have this strange feeling.

The same feeling we get when we pray to our god…”

It’s probably because I’m the miko, and they’re involved with the god that is influencing me.

But I don’t tell him that.

Miss Lan, miss Sinorn, mister Sileva, and gryphons are here too, but no one says I’m the miko.

We will probably tell them one day if they really become our friends, but for now we can’t be careless.

Now that I think about it, I’m guessing the winged people couldn’t find our village even though they can fly because I don’t want anyone to find it.

Miss Lan says that basically people can’t reach this village unless they’re invited.

The winged people’s god is probably the same one that’s giving me this power.

I’d like to visit the place where they pray, but first I have to know for sure if that’s alright.

I’m very interested in seeing what the place where the winged people live is like.

Mister Villa wants to be with me, but doesn’t seem interested in anything else.

Apparently the winged people look down on anyone that can’t fly.

Mister Villa himself said so.

They think people that can fly are superior, and have no interest in anyone living on the ground.

They say they wouldn’t have gotten involved with us if they didn’t happen to find a being like me.

I don’t like that sort of thinking about who’s above and who’s below.

I think it’s best if we all just get along, but there are all sorts of different people in the world, so I have to accept that there are people who are going to feel that way.

“I see…”

Mister Villa knows I’m not telling him everything, but doesn’t ask more questions than necessary.

As I look at him, I think about the people from the other village too.

They’ve been treated and are getting back on their feet.

They didn’t tell the winged people anything about me, not even my name.

Mister Dongu says that’s proof of how much they don’t want to be our enemies.

A lot happened, but to me this means we really can be friends.

Of course, it’s hard to get along with everyone, but I think we can build a more cooperative relationship with them.

I need to talk more with mister Dongu and the others about that.

This village where I live has many different people.

Me, miss Lan, miss Shehan, and mister Ilma are human.

Mister Ilma worships me.

Phyto is human too, but her people have their own way of thinking.

Gaius, mister Dongu, and others like them are beast people, and all of them worship gryphons.

Mister Sileva and others like him are elves, and they treat spirits like Freinet like gods.

And now we’ve met the winged people.

What do they worship I didn’t ask what exactly is their god, but it probably has to do with the sky and flying.

I’m slowly getting involved with more and more people, and with that comes coming into contact with many different ways of thinking.

I have to take everything into consideration, and choose the right path.

—Girl and the winged ones – Part three

(One of the winged people has been accepted into the village where the miko lives, but he is not told the whole story.)


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