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Chapter 148 – Girl and the winged ones – Part two

Winged people.

Why are they interested in me

What do they mean when they say they can’t ignore me

Honestly, I have no idea what I should do now.

I’m very curious about them, but I don’t want to just jump out without thinking and cause problems for everyone.

“…Are you that interested in that girl, and that girl alone”


After seeing her just once, my heart told me I should not leave her.

That is why I want to meet her at least once, and that is all there is to it.”

He says as he looks directly at mister Dongu.

It doesn’t look like he’s lying.


(He’s like us.)”

Whispers Kamiha.

“Like you”


“We didn’t want to leave you alone or ignore you either.)”




(That’s why we decided to stay with you.

You’re a very good girl Lerunda.)”

“…I see.”

As I sit on top of Kamiha, I think about what he said.

Miss Lan told me she has a theory that the gryphons and Scifo formed a contract with me because I’m the miko.

The miko isn’t all-powerful, but she does influence her surroundings.

We probably came into contact because I’m the miko, but we became family because of the precious time we spent together.

Maybe the influence that led us to meet also led the winged people here.

I don’t know what god is giving me this power, but since it influenced the gryphons, Scifo, and now the winged people, does that mean this influence affects beings that can fly more

I don’t have a bad feeling about this.

I feel like I can come out but… I still don’t know what I should do, or what their response will be.

I don’t think I should come out just because I don’t have a bad feeling, so I’ll stay here and leave this to mister Dongu and the others for now.

The feelings of wanting to go out there but not wanting to cause problems keep running around inside my head.

“You… Just want to meet her”


That is what I’m saying.”

“…That doesn’t seem like a lie.

Still, we cannot allow you to simply go to her as you are.

Can we restrain you”

They don’t resist as mister Dongu and the others restrain them.

Their hands are bound, they are told to sit down, and immobilized, but they still show no resistance.

As they are being bound, the villagers are also taken care of.

I’m relieved to see they’re mostly unharmed.

Mister Dongu calls out to me, and I show myself to them, while still sitting on Kamiha.

For some reason, the winged people’s expressions change when they see me.

Some of them are completely frozen as they stare at me.

I didn’t expect them to look at me like this.

“So it wasn’t just my imagination.”

Says the man that was speaking with mister Dongu, while staring at me.

He says it wasn’t his imagination, and I wait for him to continue.

“…As I look at this girl, I really do get the feeling I cannot leave her alone.

I thought this when I looked at her from afar, and that feeling has only gotten stronger now that we are right in front of each other.”

The man says quietly, and the others start speaking too.

“I honestly didn’t expect to feel the way Villa described…”

“She can’t soar in the sky… And yet…”

They say they feel like they can’t leave me alone.

Does that mean they’re a little concerned about me

“So, you say you can’t leave her alone, but what are you planning to do exactly”

Asks mister Dongu.

I have no idea what to say, as they continue to stare directly at me.

“…We cannot leave her alone, so we want you to let us be involved with this girl.”

Says the man named Villa while still bound, and looking at me with determination in his eyes.

—Girl and the winged ones – Part two

(The miko faces the winged people, and they say they want to be involved with her.)


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