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Chapter 146 – Girl and sudden news

“Lerunda look! I can do a lot more now!”

Says Kayu as she shows me things like kicks.

Next to her is Minomi, who says she’s been working hard too, with a calm smile while moving her body.

It doesn’t look like they can use magic, but their physical abilities really are great.

Beast people have a lot more stamina than me, even without using physical strengthening magic.

They’re good at moving their bodies like this.

I’m the miko, and probably a special being, but I can’t move like that.

Beast people are incredible.

Being special or not is just a label people use.

Beast people have better physical abilities than me, and elves are great at using magic.

Everyone has things they’re good at, and that goes for humans like me, beast people, and elves.


“I’m not losing to you or Gaius! I can’t do as much as you two, but we all want to make a place where we can all be at peace too.

I want to become strong enough to deal with anything that comes to stop that.”

“Yes, me too.

I don’t like fighting, but I’m going to put these physical abilities to work and do my best like you and Gaius.”

Kayu and Minomi are working hard for the sake of our goal too.

I’m happy everyone is doing their best to make our wish come true.

It fills me with motivation too.

Our goal became everyone’s goal, and I’m happy about that, but we are not alone.

That’s why that happened to mister Roma.

Just thinking about it hurts my heart, but I have to throw away that naivete if we’re going to make our wish come true.

I want to understand the power of the miko, and use it for the sake of our goal.

“What’s wrong Lerunda”

“I was just, thinking.”

“I see, but don’t worry yourself too much.

You can talk to me if you have a problem.

And if it’s too much for me, you can go to miss Lan for example… Try not to carry that sort of thing by yourself!”

“Yes, thank you, Kayu.”

I’m really blessed.

I’m surrounded by people that still treat me like an individual even though they know I’m the miko.

They care about me, and help me with my problems.

My life here is very precious, and so is everyone here.

“Kayu, you’re so nice, I really like you.”

“You’re so honest and cute Lerunda!!”

Kayu hugs me like she usually does, and I like it.

Minomi laughs at this sight she’s used to seeing.

I love days like these.

I like Kayu and Minomi a lot, and my heart feels warm.

Wanting to protect these days is what makes me try so hard.

“But Lerunda, when you get a bit older, you can’t tell boys you like them like it’s nothing, alright”

“Yes Lerunda, you have to be careful or they’ll misinterpret it…”

“Hn Why”

“I knew you wouldn’t get it… Oh well, it’s fine! I’ll protect you from any insect that comes at you to bother you!”

Insect What is Kayu talking about They’re laughing like it’s natural that I don’t understand.

Am I going to understand when I grow up a little more

As we relax together, Kamiha descends from the sky while saying we have trouble.

I’m a little startled.

I’ve never seen Kamiha so flustered.


What’s wrong”

I ask.

Did something bad happen I didn’t have a bad feeling or anything.

“Guruguruguruguru! (Those humans are being attacked!)”


“Guruguru, gurururururururu! (They’re not being killed, but it looks like the attackers are looking for you!)!



Ruruhrurururu (They have wings.

I’ve never seen people like that.)”


I’m completely frozen.

The people in the other village are being attacked By people looking for me And they have wings I have no idea what’s going on, or rather, I can’t process this.

I’m completely baffled, but for now, I need to go talk to mister Dongu and miss Lan.


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