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Chapter 144 – The sister takes a step forward

“Thank you Alice.”

The person in front of me smiles.

I wanted to make someone’s wish come true, and princess Ninaev made that possible for me.

Still, I’m in a weird position.

I was made out to be the miko, and was so proud of it that I did whatever I wanted without thinking of anything else.

I’m someone a lot of people think should be disposed of.

It wouldn’t have been weird if I was executed, so it’s not like I can move freely even now.

I’m in a remote region called Ananaro with princess Ninaev, who brought me here.

We’re staying in a mansion.

I’m actually not the miko, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was presented as such.

There’s still a high chance that people will try to use that.

…Up until it was revealed that I’m not the miko, my life went very well.

Strangely well even, so I never thought about this possibility, but thinking back now, the village where I grew up was probably very prosperous because of Lerunda, the miko.

Princess Ninaev looked into the village where I grew up, and discovered that it’s in trouble because crops aren’t growing.

They’ve even been asking for aid from the kingdom.

It wasn’t like that when I lived there, which is why I was offered so much.

But that wasn’t because of my powers, it was probably because of Lerunda’s.

…Lerunda was gone before I knew it.

I didn’t notice it at all.

I wonder what she thinks of me.

What kind of life did she lead in that village What went through her mind… I’m supposed to be her family, but I don’t even know that much,

I never cared, and my own sister is basically a stranger.

I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately.

I think my parents always loved me, but as the country descended into chaos, they disappeared in the midst of the confusion.

Now that I know I’m not special, I can really see that my family isn’t normal.

I would even say it’s weird.

People in this mansion sort of pretended to respect me at first, as the spoiled girl that was made out to be the miko, but that distance has been closing little by little, and we can laugh together now.

Nowadays, people have no problem approaching me, but I still feel a little unsure about approaching them.

But thanks to princess Ninaev’s encouragement, I’ve been starting conversations with people more lately.

…All this time, people treated me like I was special.

That basically means they never really saw me as me.

I’ve never realized that until now.

I was pampered but… People only liked me because they thought I was special.

Once they realized I was not the miko, everyone disappeared from my side.

The only person left was princess Ninaev.

…She stayed, even though I was abandoned and might have been killed.

I’ve always lived as I wanted.

I just said what I wanted without thinking too much about it, and people would make it happen.

I never really thought for myself a lot, and never worried about anything.

What would happen if I kept on thinking I was special until I became an adult What would happen if I only realized I wasn’t special after becoming an adult I’m glad that didn’t happen.

I’m glad I found out early that I’m not actually special.

I start out by helping as much as I can here in this mansion.

Princess Ninaev said that if I started telling people I want to make their wishes come true it would lead to trouble, so I should start by doing what I can.

I follow her words, and learn some common sense as I help out around the mansion.

I never knew how much I was lacking in common sense until I started learning.

Things that are normal and obvious to other people are news to me.

I want to learn more, and use it to help people more.

I want to pay back for all the time I spent being selfish.

“I see you have been working hard, Alice.

I am glad to see you have adapted well to life here in the mansion.”

Says princess Ninaev with a smile.

I’m very happy that she’s acknowledging my efforts.

She’s the only one who turned my way after it was revealed I’m not the miko, and made the decision to take me in.

I treated her badly back when I thought I was the miko, and she was chased out into this remote region because of me.

Still, she was able to find allies here, and take me in.

She smiles at me, even after all the trouble she went through because of me.

She’s much, much greater than I thought, and I want to be like her someday.

I’m too embarrassed to say that to her face, but that’s what I’ve been thinking as I go about my new life here in this land.

I look up towards the sky, while still inside the mansion.

Is my sister, Lerunda, living under the same sky I really hope she’s still alive.

—The sister takes a step forward

(The miko’s sister takes a new step forward as she starts her life in a remote region.

She looks at the sky, and thinks about the miko.)


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