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Chapter 141 – Girl and the state of the spirit tree

The spirit tree.

Its sheltering tree is growing in the middle of this village.

I’ve been sending magic energy into this tree ever since we started building this village, so the spirits resting inside it recover a little faster, and the spirit tree grows more.

The spirit tree is bigger than me now.

“It’s slowly filling up with magic energy.”

Whispers Freinet, who is next to me, with a satisfied expression.

When I send magic energy into my eyes, I can kind of see magic energy moving around inside the tree.

I hope the spirits that are so dear to mister Sileva and the other elves recover quickly, and are able to be with them again.

Standing next to the spirit tree feels relaxing.

I’m happy that I have the power to help it recover.

Freinet, the gryphons, Scifo, Gaius, and everyone else connected to me say it feels nice being around this tree filled with my magic energy.

The gryphons and Scifo like resting near it too.

Today, the brother and sister gryphons Rema and Ruma are taking it easy underneath the spirit tree.

The beast people walking by make sure to pay their respects.

“Rema and Ruma are cute.”

I reach out to them and pet their fluffy bodies.

They feel nice, partially because I usually brush them.

They’re bigger now than when I met them, but they still like to be pet and brushed by me.

Being with the gryphons soothes my heart.

“Guruguruguru… (Being pet feels nice…)”


(The tree is getting bigger.)”

The gryphons say to me.

They also seem happy that the spirit tree is slowly getting bigger.

“Yes, it’s bigger.”

I thought the spirit tree felt mystical when I first saw it.

It was bigger than the one in front of me.

Its energy was being drained by that plant monster, but it still looked mystical.

As I look at this tree, I hope it grows to be as big as the other one.

“Thank you Lerunda.”

“For what, Freinet”

“I managed to recover my energy and we managed to move the spirit tree thanks to you.

I just thought I should thank you.”

“I don’t need, to be thanked.

I’m happy I made, a contract with you.

Without our contract, we wouldn’t have beaten that monster.”

It feels weird being thanked.

It’s recovering nicely because of me, but if I didn’t meet Freinet, we wouldn’t have destroyed that monster.

I also wouldn’t have learned what to do about the spirit tree, or how to move it to another place.

Thinking about it this way, it’s kind of a miracle that we’ve met.

Meeting someone is only the beginning, and I’m here now because of all the people I’ve met.

“It feels nice, having you, with me Freinet.

I’m happy that you formed, a contract with me.

So thank you, for being here.”

I thank Freinet too, as I think about how great it is that we’ve met.

She starts laughing.

I’m glad to see her laugh.

I hope all the other spirits resting in the spirit tree recover too, and they can laugh along with us.

I don’t know if things are going to go that smoothly, but I hope they do.

I also don’t know when exactly they are going to be ready to come out, but my magic energy is helping them recover.

“Will the spirits, talk to me, when they recover”

“Yes, with pleasure.

I’m sure they’re all thankful for what you’re doing, Lerunda.

They’ll talk to you as much as you want.”

“I see.

That’s great.”

I want to talk to them someday, and laugh with them.

As I talk to Freinet, Rema, and Ruma in front of the spirit tree, I hear mister Dongu calling me.


I’m going to where that girl is staying now.”



I can go see Phyto.

I want to talk to her and learn more about her.

That’s going to be my objective when I go talk to her.

“Let’s go Freinet.”


I run towards mister Dongu, and we go to where Phyto is staying.

—Girl and the state of the spirit tree

(The miko thinks about spirits in front of the spirit tree.)


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