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Chapter 138 – Those people have a discussion

The wind blows, in a place far above ground.

When they look down, they see a vast forest, nature’s green.

It is a very common sight for the people having a discussion there.

They live on top of mountains, and to them the foot of a mountain is not a place to live, but rather what they see when they look down.

“What is to be done about them”

Says a man as he looks down at a place far below where they are.

This man, or rather, everyone present, clearly have something humans do not.

In a kingdom of humans such as Fairytrof, this difference means they would be seen as non-human.

Inferior beings that should be enslaved.

We are talking about the wings on their backs.

These wings are the only noticeable difference between these beings and humans, but they also make them capable of flight.

“Nothing, they are not our concern.

We should avoid getting involved with them.”

Says a woman.

Their race has lived in this place for a long time.

Far above the ground, and far from the people living close to the foot of the mountain.

They think of races that are unable to fly as pitiful, and most have a sense of superiority towards them.

They look down on other races in more ways than one.

The sky is their home.

They love the endless sky, and care little for anything or anyone outside of their neighborhood.

Because of this, no one present understands why one man asks what should be done.

They live in the sky, and people that live on the ground very rarely reach them.

Even if they did, the sky is their domain, and they are certain they are unbeatable in their territory.

Because of this, most of them opt to do nothing, but the man that asked the question continues.

“…I agree with that, but when I look at that girl… That human girl, I can’t help but feel a murmur in my heart.”

“A murmur in your heart Have you fallen in love with a human female while I’m here!! You should have your wings plucked out!!”

“Wait!! No!! That’s not it!! It just feels strange, like when we pray to our god.

Also, that girl lives with gryphons, beings that live in the sky like us.

She does live on the ground, but all I’m saying is that I can’t shake off this strange feeling.

You should watch for a while as well, to see if I’m the only one who feels this way, or if your feelings will change.

I don’t think she is a normal human.”

This man is usually very serious, so the people around him understand this is no joke.

No one prays to their god more than him, and he loves the sky.

The fact that he is the one speaking is the only reason why anyone is listening.

They are usually completely unconcerned with what happens to the ones living below them, so while everyone else besides this man recognizes that the people living below them have increased, their interest does not go beyond that.

But now, they decide to be aware of the girl this man is talking about.

—Those people have a discussion

(The winged people living in the sky are aware of a human girl.)


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