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Chapter 136 – Girl and tenth birthday

“Happy birthday Lerunda.”

“Happy birthday!”

My tenth birthday is here.

The other day, I decided to face the fact that I’m the miko, but not much has happened since.

But a lot did happen this year.

We built this village, met those people, and met mister Ilma and miss Shehan.

Phyto isn’t taking part in the birthday celebration, and mister Ilma and miss Shehan are staying home too.

We’re reluctant to let them see each other.

I don’t dislike mister Ilma or Phyto.

I want us all to get along, but we’re just not sure what will happen if they meet.

I think I’m making good progress in getting along with Phyto.

She said happy birthday to me, and she’s slowly starting to talk more about herself.

But I still don’t know if she can really communicate with god.

As for mister Ilma and miss Shehan…

“How marvelous is it to be able to celebrate the sacred day in which miss Lerunda was born… Miss Lerunda…”

He talks a lot as he says happy birthday to me.

Miss Shehan seems exasperated, but it also looks like she cares for him.

I don’t talk to people from the other village directly, but apparently they heard from someone that it’s my birthday, and send a message wishing me and everyone else with a birthday coming up a happy birthday.

I’m ten now.

Double digits.

It feels weird.

I was abandoned by my parents and left the village where I was born when I was seven.

In these last three years I met different races, and we built a village together.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but will things around me change again in one or two years

Maybe people that are with me now won’t be, or new people will come along.

Maybe we’ll lose someone.

This makes me feel very anxious, but all we can do is keep walking forward.

“Happy birthday Lerunda.”

“Lerunda! Happy birthday.”

Kayu, Minomi, Ilkesai, Luceno, and Dandonga say happy birthday.

Gaius too of course.

We’re celebrating Gaius’ birthday along with mine, like last year.

“A lot happened since your last birthday, Lerunda.”


Says Kayu, and I agree.

A lot really did happen.

Last year we celebrated my birthday on the road, but now we have a village we’ve been slowly putting together.

It’s become a place that’s easy to live in.

I feel like this place is slowly becoming our ideal home.

The kind of place we dream about.

But not everything is great, and there are still problems we have to think about.

“I’m… Already ten.

That’s, weird.”

“You’re ten, but you’re still small.”

“That’s just because you’re getting big, Ilkesai.”

I’m slowly getting bigger too.

I’m getting taller, but so is everyone else, so it doesn’t really feel like I am.

“Gaius, is the tallest.”

As we talk about growing, I look at Gaius.

He’s the biggest kid here.

When I look at him, I have to look up.

“You’re right, I’ve been growing too.”

“Yes, you’re big, and it looks like, you’re still getting bigger.”

I think Gaius is still growing.

Mister Athos was tall, and Gaius will probably be just as tall as him.

Will I be with Gaius when he reaches that height No, not just Gaius, I hope I can stay with everyone else too.

As we talk to each other and celebrate our birthdays, I really feel like this time we spend smiling together is irreplaceable.

“You’re going to grow more too, Lerunda.”


From what I remember, my parents weren’t very tall.

I don’t really care either way, but this gets me thinking about what I will look like in the future.

This day ends, and it was a very fun birthday.

I don’t know what the future has in store, but it would be great if we could stay together.

I wish to be with everyone next year too, when we celebrate my next birthday.

—Girl and tenth birthday

(The miko celebrates her tenth birthday, surrounded by happiness.)


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