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Chapter 131 – Girl and priest – Part one

I decide to meet that priest.

My decision might lead to him having to be killed, but I still think it’s better than hiding from him.

I decide I have to appear in front of him.

Of course, I’m not going to be alone.

I’m going to have miss Lan, mister Dongu, and elves by my side, so there’s going to be more of us than them.

Scifo, Kamiha, and Freinet are coming too.

Freinet and mister Dongu are the first to appear in front of them.

It doesn’t look like the swordsman can see Freinet, because she doesn’t even look that way.

She just looks at mister Dongu with caution.

The priest on the other hand, looks directly at Freinet with his eyes wide open.

He really can see her.

“Who are you!”

“…Please wait.

I have a question miss Shehan.”

“This is no time for that…!”

“I can see a girl.

Can you really not see her”

“Girl What are you talking about… All I see is a beast person.”

The priest is confidently talking about a girl, Freinet.

Freinet peeks my way.

I nod, and she makes it so everyone can see her.

The woman looks very surprised, and reaches for her sword, as she sees something that’s unfamiliar to her.

As far as the swordsman and priest are aware, Freinet and mister Dongu are just two strange beings that appeared in front of them all of a sudden.

They have no idea if they’re friends or foes, so the swordsman’s reaction is natural.

But the priest looks completely different.

If anything, he looks happy.

“A non-human being that people cannot see.

Could it be that you are a spirit”

Asks the priest as he looks at Freinet.

“What if I am”

“I have never seen a spirit.

It is an honor to meet you.”

“I see…”

“Hum, but spirit, I understand that this question may seem abrupt, but do you by any chance know the one known as the miko”

Says the priest with a sparkle in his eyes, as he looks at Freinet.

“What are you planning to do if you find this miko”

Mister Dongu and the swordsman are watching them as they talk.

I also make sure to hear the answer to this question.

What is he going to say What does he want What is he after Is he looking for me Depending on his answer, we might have to stop them from going back.

This option is terrible, and I don’t want that to happen, but we have to be ready to make decisions like this for the sake of our future.

I put my hands together like I’m praying and wait for his answer.

“I have been tasked with the mission to find the real miko and bring her back with me to my country.”

I despair as I listen to his answer.

I start thinking we might not be able to let him go back alive, but he continues.

“But I have no intention of going through with this.

I am a servant of god, so I do not want to take any action that goes against the will of the one loved by god.

The miko may not want to be taken to the temple, and if that is the case, I will not take her.

As a servant of god, I will follow the miko’s wishes, as god intends.”

Says the priest.

He said ‘the real miko’, which means that place he calls the temple decided my sister isn’t the real miko.

I don’t know what made him come search all the way out here, but I think he’s looking for me.

He also says that he was given a mission, but doesn’t want to go through with it, while looking straight at Freinet.

“I want to serve the miko, and stand by her side as her priest.

So please, if you know her whereabouts, tell me where she is.

I will not cause her any harm or displease her in any way.

I devote everything, including my life, to the miko.”

It looks like the priest is convinced that Freinet knows me… But that whole thing about devoting everything including his life is heavy.

Something that heavy is scary, and it’s hard to accept.

“I see…”

Freinet nods and looks my way.

I step forward, along with the other people that were hiding with me.

The swordsman’s face becomes stiff, but the priest’s face lightens up, and he runs towards me.

“It is such an honor to meet you, miss miko!”

He yells without hesitating.

—Girl and priest – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko appears before the priest, whoyells with full conviction that she is the miko.)


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