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Chapter 130 – Girl and choice

“I think that priest can see me.”

Says Freinet.

Does that priest have the power to see her even when she doesn’t want to show herself What kind of person is he Can I show myself to him I don’t know if I should meet him or not.

This priest is looking for the miko, so should I show myself to him I don’t know, and I can’t decide.

I got myself involved with the other people without thinking, and it led to a lot of trouble.

There were even deaths.

I’m curious about this priest, but I can’t just go talk to him without thinking.

“Freinet… What do, you think”

“I don’t think he’s hostile.

He sounds very respectful towards the miko.”

“…Was there, anyone else

“No, only those two.

They’re here alone.”

“…I see.”

“I don’t think two people can make it all the way out here on a whim.

I don’t know a lot of humans, but it has to be dangerous for two humans to be here in the middle of this forest.”

Freinet says they wouldn’t have come here if their resolve wasn’t strong.

I haven’t faced a lot of danger in this place, but this forest really is dangerous, and is home to a lot of monsters.

The people in the other village also had a lot of trouble with monsters.

They made up their minds to come here looking for something, even though they would have to put themselves in danger.

The miko… They’re looking for the miko… They’re probably looking for me.

They are walking around in this forest looking for me.

Should I respond to these feelings of theirs To be honest, I’m interested in him.

He’s looking for me, or rather, the miko, so he probably knows a lot about miko.

I also feel like I want to meet him because he went through so much trouble to get here.

I’m a little worried because I don’t know why he wants to meet me, or what he wants to do, but I also want to talk to him about this.

But should I act on these feelings What will happen if I do I need to think about the consequences.

What if he wants to take me back to the country of humans whether I want to or not He could make me faint and take me.

But there’s only two of them, so can they really do that I don’t really think so, because people here would stop them if they tried to take me away.

But he can see Freinet, so could it be that he can use really incredible magic that I can’t even imagine I shudder as I think about him being able to use magic to do things like move somewhere in a second.

I have no idea if magic that incredible exists, but what if it does…

I think it’s very important to think about what might happen.

Consider all possibilities, and try not to let the bad ones happen.

On the other hand, I also don’t really think it’s good to do nothing because all I do is think about what might happen and get worried.

Anything I do will have an effect.

It’s really hard to decide what’s right and what’s wrong, but all I can do is try my hardest to do things in a way that I won’t regret.

“…Lerunda, did you sort out your thoughts”

“…I’m going to talk, with miss Lan, and the others.”

I more or less know what I want to do, but I don’t want to decide everything for myself and act on my own.

I’m going to tell everyone what my answer is, and discuss with them what I should do.

It’s not like I have to find an answer on my own.

They’re always ready to help me, so when I have a problem, I can talk to them so we can find a solution together.

We go to miss Lan and mister Dongu and tell them that priest can see Freinet.

They’re both surprised, because I’m the only one in this village that can see Freinet even when she’s not showing herself.

And then, I tell them what I want to do.

“I think, I want to meet that priest.”

I say while looking directly at them.

I tell them why I want to meet him, and they respond by saying ‘we should act while considering everything that may happen’ and ‘I don’t mind you meeting him, but if he turns out to be harmful to us, I don’t think we should let him leave with his life, for the sake of our future’.

They say they don’t mind me meeting him, but we should think about what might happen, and that we might have to make very sad choices.

There’s a chance that meeting him might lead to a sad result, but I still want to meet him.

I once again tell them this.

—Girl and choice

(The girl that is probably the miko talks with the spirit that formed a contract with her, and makes a choice while considering what its results might be.)


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