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Chapter 122 – Girl and people – Part nine

A young child is sent to our village as a hostage.

Hostages aren’t free.

We can’t let them find out where the village is, or let them search around inside it, so as much as it pains us, it’s basically captivity.

We have to do this to protect ourselves and the village.

If we, no, if I was stronger, we wouldn’t have to do things we don’t like until our village’s foundation is settled.

Also, I asked my family that I formed a contract with to keep them under watch even more.

This is also to show them that we can do something about them at any time.

I probably wouldn’t be able to do something like this if I didn’t experience so many things after being abandoned.

I wouldn’t be able to think like this if I didn’t learn how harsh reality can be.

Today I offer a prayer at the altar as always.

I tell god about my resolve.

Are my choices and my actions right I’m worried about that.

I don’t get an answer when I pray at the altar, but at least I feel calmer.

It’s nice to have a place where I can say how I feel.

Apparently people are calling this place Lerunda’s altar’, because I’m the only one that prays here…

The others are called ‘gryphon’s altar’ and ‘spirits’ altar’.

We all pray to different things but still live together, probably because we accept what other people pray to.

They themselves offered hostages.

We are definitely not equal, but as long as there’s a chance that we can not be enemies and walk together, I keep wishing for it to happen.

Maybe I’m still too naive.

Still, I want us to all get along.

No matter how harsh the road ahead is, that’s what I’m going to keep wishing for.

Miss Lan is producing paper little by little and using it to take notes.

I use it to write about the people we’ve lost.

I want to keep them close to my heart.

Our village’s rules have been slowly increasing.

Things that we talked about vaguely are now concrete rules.

Maybe mister Roma wouldn’t have done what he did if we had these rules then.

People are punished if they break rules.

Those rules have to be followed.

This is necessary because we’re a big group.

If we were fewer, we could just be considerate to each other.

For example, the gryphons and me never needed rules to get along.

But now we need this sort of thing to protect our village.

It’s all very difficult, but I can’t just not think about it because it’s difficult.

Nothing will come from running away from difficult things, so I want to learn about more difficult things too.

I don’t think our village is going to be able to just abandon them at this point, so our numbers are going to increase even more.

We’re going to be having more friends.

But this didn’t go well.

We lost mister Roma because I didn’t have the determination to use my power well.

If we ever come in contact with other people again, I want it to go a lot better.

No, I’ll make it go better.

I also think we have to be more strict from now on, if we don’t want to lose anyone else.

The girl that was taken hostage is very quiet, and the others are going about their business normally, under the watch of the gryphons.

I don’t see it directly, but that’s what my family says.

As we interact more with them, we slowly learn more about them too, and the same goes for them.

We help them live in this place, and they thank us by sharing their crop.

Things are peaceful between us now, like that violence never even happened.

But I think this is because the gryphons are watching them, and things wouldn’t be so peaceful if they weren’t.

—Girl and people – Part nine

(The girl that is probably the miko wants to keep using her power to protect everyone.)


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