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Chapter 118 – Girl and people – Part seven

My mind goes blank when I hear people talking about bloodshed, but I didn’t actually see what happened, so I don’t know what they’re talking about.

Mister Dongu tells me not to go there because it’s dangerous.

I feel like running there anyway, but I don’t because that would cause problems for people here in the village.

Is mister Roma alright What happened I’m feeling very anxious about this.

Would mister Roma have stayed here if my words got through to him Would he agree with me if I was more persuasive

I keep thinking about this and muttering, and Scifo answers.


(Don’t blame yourself.)”

He says while pressing the tip of his nose against me to comfort me.

“Hihihihin, hihihin.

(To be honest, I don’t think anyone could have stopped him.)”

Scifo says he would’ve gone there anyway no matter who tried to talk him down, but I think he probably wouldn’t have gone there if I did a better job.

There are a lot of things about me that are different from everyone else… But I’ve never really thought about these differences as being things that would cause pain.

Back in the village where I was born, I wasn’t very concerned with what was around me.

When I got to the beast people’s village, and later when I met the elves, I never felt like my ‘differences’ were a bad thing.

But now, these differences are a cause for concern.

“…Being different, than everyone else, is hard.”

But if I wasn’t different, I would’ve starved to death already.

And everyone says we can live like this because of my power.

Could it be that if I wasn’t different we would all be dead

Thinking about it from that angle, this power is something very good, whether it comes from being the miko or not, but realizing that I’m different from everyone else gives me a pain in my chest that I can’t describe.

“…Dealing with people, is hard.”

I never had this problem in the village where I was born.

I just survived, and never felt like anyone was important to me.

But now I’m feeling once again how hard it is to face people, and be with them.

Different people have different thoughts.

My wish is for all of us to be together and create a place where we can be at peace, but that’s hard.

Sometimes you can’t smile with people that you used to smile with before, and you can’t walk together no matter what you say.

That feeling hits me very hard now.

I don’t know what happened to mister Roma over there, but I’m very worried, as I rest against Scifo and talk to him.

I get the feeling that mister Roma isn’t coming back, which turns out to be right.

I hear from a cat beast person that went there that Mister Roma became friends with them and went over to them.

Apparently he lived there while smiling with people he got along with, but their village isn’t going so well.

We don’t have to work too hard on crops for them to grow, we can find food if we just look for it, and we encounter monsters we can defeat, but apparently it’s not so easy over there.

Mister Roma took seeds from this village to plant there, so they could have something to eat, but they didn’t grow too well.

It’s the same environment, but crops grow a lot better here in this village.

Things that we take for granted here are not so simple over there.

I’m surprised by how different it is, but miss Lan, who is listening with me, says it’s because I’m here and not there.

When someone from a village that is doing well arrived in theirs, they thought things would turn around for them too, but it still didn’t go so well.

Some people became impatient, apparently the same people that wanted to take us hostage when we went to negotiate, and killed mister Roma for being useless.

They say that the people that did this were killed by people with a conscience, and apologize a lot for the death of mister Roma.

They say they feel very bad about this.

This doesn’t feel real to me at first.

Hearing that mister Roma is gone is such a shock.

Mister Dongu and the other adults continue talking about them, but it doesn’t even enter my mind.

—Girl and people – Part seven

(The girl that is probably the miko hears sad news, and her mind goes blank.)


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