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Chapter 111 – Princess and choice

Taking the throne is probably the best choice…

I do not know for what purpose they decided to say this to me, but my answer is no.

As the fifth princess, I currently know none of the things I need to lead a country.

I was raised to be someone’s wife someday, and nothing more.

Even if someone like me could take the throne, the road ahead would be very difficult.

Many people support the crown prince, who was planned to be king in the first place.

If I took the throne for myself, I would have to turn against them.

The biggest problems currently are the abuse leveled at the first and second prince by the third prince, and the fact that the general population supports him.

He says the royal family knowingly propped up a false miko.

This idea should be overturned.

The royal family had no idea Alice is not the real miko.

Even I never went beyond a strong suspicion.

No one knows for certain who the real miko is except for the priests who received the divine message, meaning only the temple can be sure.

“I will go see my brother, prince Gerald.

Will you accompany me”

I decide to visit the official crown prince of Fairytrof, Gerald Fairy.

I ask the people from Vene to accompany me, and they agree.

Vene probably really wants me to take the throne and control me from behind the curtain.

Maybe they only want to use me.

But I will not stand for it.

As they said, our relationship is nothing more than us using each other.

They may wish for the country to return to peace, but we are not one hundred percent allies.

I have the idea of presenting my brother Gerald as a pawn to Vene.

At the very least, we both want to bring stability to the country.

And then, I meet my brother Gerald for the first time in quite a while.

The daughter of a concubine and the two sons of the princess consort, prince Gerald and prince Guy.

Despite us all having the same father, the former king, who my mother is makes all the difference.

They laugh at the fact that I am visiting at a time like this, but I can see the wariness behind that laughter.

It is only natural that they feel that way about a visit from me when there is so much chaos around the country.

If I was in their place, I would feel the same way.

“It has been a while, prince Gerald and prince Guy.”

I smile as I do my best to hide my nervousness.

I have not stood in front of my brothers since I was sent to the remote region, but we never spoke much to each other in the first place.

Just speaking to them in this manner makes me feel as though my heart is about to jump out of my chest.

“So, what is your business with us”

“…It is nothing more than a thought from the crude mind of the daughter of a concubine, but I would like you to hear it.”

I say as a preface, and they indulge me by asking me to continue.

“The country, in its confusion, needs a common ground.

Someone to be punished.

Currently, the people of this country are forcing the one who was brought to this country as the miko, Alice, into this position.

The third prince also agrees with them, but if you allow his side’s opinion to take hold, they will crush you no matter how right you may be.”

In this world, whoever wins is righteous in the end.

The third prince’s ideas that the false miko should be punished, and my father and other two brothers knowingly supported a false miko is seen as the truth.

“If this happens, the idea that yourselves and our father have knowingly promoted a false miko will be made into the truth.

Also, I have met Alice, and know she is convinced she is the real miko.

She is a girl brought from a remote village and told she is the miko, so did she really lie Even if she did, it would have never become such a big issue if the temple did not recognize her as the miko.

If she truly is not the miko, it was the temple who had the power to recognize her as the miko, not the royal family.

The third prince’s side wants to forcibly turn him into the lawful king.

They tell lies, such as that the royal family and the temple conspired to prop up the false miko, but the truth is that the royal family never doubted the miko.

If someone did prop up a false miko, it could only have been the great temple.

“The ones who could dispute the third prince’s claims that the miko is false, the higher ups of the great temple, are staying silent… Perhaps because they themselves know she is not real.”

I would even go as far to say that it is very likely that they know.

“The third prince’s side has the support of the people because they believe what he says.

I am sure this also makes it difficult for you to take action, which is why we need to overturn their statements.

I believe that if we can get the truth out of the great temple and make it public, we can do something about the lies that you are responsible for producing a false miko.

Not only that, but you can show yourselves as the compassionate people who took in a poor unfortunate child, who was taken from her village and told she was the miko, to be used as a paw.

After I am done talking, I face my brother Gerald.

Both princes smile, and answer.

—Princess and choice

(The princess decided not to pursue the throne, and instead act as she wishes.)


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