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Chapter 11 – The educator is being expelled

A story from the perspective of the lady’s educator.

“The miko is not in a good mood.

Do you have no intention of educating the miko in a more pleasant fashion”

“The miko was crying.

Do you think it is acceptable to make the miko cry”

“Does the miko really need to study The miko is a being that needs only to exist and do nothing more if that is what she wishes, and no one should raise a word about it.

To still be forcing her to study even after seeing her cry…”

“The other day you screamed “You need to study” at the miko.

Such an action is unforgivable.”

I, Landouno Stoffer, am tired of hearing such things from people that don’t know anything about my feelings or circumstances.

I came to the big temple in the city of Agatha, a city near the capital of the kingdom of Fairytrof, to be the private tutor of the miss Alice, the miko, but she won’t study at all.

She was living in a village, so she can’t read.

I thought I would start from there and slowly start teaching other things, but we are not making any progress.

She won’t even learn manners.

And miss Alice cries.

When she realized that people around us will feel sorry for her and say I shouldn’t make her study if she doesn’t want to, she started crying even more and throwing fits.

Perhaps someone told her to say it, but she also told me ‘If you do anything bad to me god will punish you!!’.

…I don’t know what to do.

There is also pressure from above, so I tried my best to make her study, but it is to no avail.

There was a day when I forced her to study and we made a little progress but… The priests in charge of the miko put a stop to it very quickly.

They were very scared of divine punishment, but nothing noteworthy happened.

My position with the miko is also worsening my reputation.

My relationship with my parents was never good to begin with, but it’s steadily getting worse.

My friends feel sorry for me.

The stressful days of trying to get miss Alice to study continued, until one day we heard that the capital was hit by lightning.

The royal palace wasn’t hit, but rumors are circulating that this is the result of me angering the miko by forcing her to study.

Things aren’t looking good.

I’m starting to prepare for the worst.

I am the daughter of a noble, so I don’t think I will be killed but… If something happens I’m going to need my life, so I need to have a plan in place in case I need to escape.

In the end, the big temple and the royal palace came to the conclusion that I caused the capital to receive divine punishment because I upset the miko.

I was fired from being the miko’s tutor, and they are using this as an excuse to expel me from the city with the big temple, and forbid me from entering the capital.

I can never go to these cities ever again, but I am prepared to leave at any moment, so I don’t mind.

I’m leaving right away, and I’m taking the opportunity to also leave the country.

I have a bad feeling about this, and I can’t trust a country that will expel me for something like this.

My friends agree, and I’m going to leave as soon as I’m ready.

But before I leave, I want to visit the village where miss Alice lived.

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that miss Alice is the miko, and the more I talk to her, the less I believe it.

That is why I’m headed towards the village.

It’s a remote village, so it takes a while to get there, and the road is in very poor condition.

I’m honestly very surprised by what I’m seeing.

All the villagers look dejected.

When I asked why, they told me bugs ruined the crops.

Hearing this increases my suspicion that miss Alice is not the miko.

My research tells me that the miko brings happiness to what she loves.

The land the miko loves would never wither, even when she is far away.

The miko’s area of influence is wide, and if miss Alice is the miko, she is still affiliated with the kingdom of Fairytrof.

This country should not be withering away.

There are too few records about miko, so I can’t say for certain that this is true, but it is what my studies lead me to believe.

I’m talking to the villagers, while acting like a traveler that is just visiting.

One of the villagers said something very surprising.

There was another girl living in the same house as the miko.

The priests that heard the word of god are still bedridden, but what they heard was the location and age of the miko.

That is what I heard from the priests from the temple that set out to look for the miko.

No one even suspected that the miko had a twin.

And her parents abandoned her when they heard their other daughter might be the miko…

I only know about this twin because a child told me, but the adults tell them not to talk about it, so the child won’t say any more.

I only heard that the twin was abandoned, walked somewhere, and disappeared.

I have no guarantee that this child that was on her own is still alive, but she might be the real miko.

I decided I am going to go after her.

—The educator is being expelled

(The woman in charge of the older sister’s education was expelled, found out about the younger sister, and is going after her.)


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