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 Chapter 108 – Girl and treatment

We still haven’t decided what to do about those people.

We went back to the village and are now talking with everyone else.

The people I rescued look like they’re cowering.

They tell us that they were driven away from the place where they lived in the kingdom of Migha, and had to run away.

When they were with the rest of their people, they were attacked by a monster, and ran away in different directions.

Mister Oshashio says that the kingdom of Migha doesn’t just enslave beast people and other races, they enslave humans too.

That’s probably the environment that these people ran away from.

But I don’t understand how they can enslave people like this.

If that’s what’s happening to these people, I want to help, but I understand that we can’t just casually say that and let them in.

“Just like how there are good and bad humans, not everyone that’s a beast person or running away is a good person.

Maybe it’s fine when there are few people, but the more people that are, the probability that there are bad people also increases.”

Says mister Oshashio, quietly enough for no one else to hear.

I think he knows what I’m thinking.

“Things are going well for us because we are still so few… Maybe we can take people in after we work on our village a little more, but not now.”


“We never know if one of us is going to turn out bad too.”

“Turn out bad…”


Good people can turn bad due to some sort of influence.

Good people are not always good forever.

Even I could become bad after being influenced by something or someone.”

“…I can’t, imagine.”

“I know you can’t, but I want you to keep that idea in mind”

The people I saved are looking at me, as if clinging to me.

People around us say they shouldn’t be allowed in, and they want me to help.

I really want to help, and their eyes make me waver, but I have to think about the village.

I shake my head.

After the discussion, mister Dongu and the others also say that it’s not a good idea to bring them in.

Having that said, we can’t just throw these tired people out.

Even if we aren’t bringing them into the village, we can make a place for them to rest, and make sure they’re safe.

Saving everyone, taking care of everyone, making everything good… We can’t think about that, we have to focus on minimizing risks to our village.

Saving everyone might be good for the moment, but this way is better in the long run.

Mister Oshashio and the others make things that look like tents and set them up in a place a little far, so the people that ran away can rest.

There will be people keeping guard too, to make sure they’re safe.

They haven’t decided what should be done about them yet, but they say they should at least get to rest, and we’ll talk more later.

After we return to the village, we also talk about how their friends are probably still out there, maybe close, and we should watch out for them.

If their friends are here, we don’t know how that will influence this peaceful village.

It’s still taking shape, so we can’t bring people in.

We don’t know what will happen, or even what they’re thinking.

Still, they are very strange.

I’ve never seen people like them.

The only humans I’ve ever seen are me, miss Lan, and the people from the village where I grew up.

I saw the people that were attacking Gaius from far away, but they weren’t like this.

I guess even humans aren’t all the same.

I realize once again that I still have a lot to learn, and now I realize that I need to think before I act.

For myself, and the people I like so much.

For now, if those people have friends, I think we should reunite them, and point them to where they want to go.

Maybe they’ll also want to stay here, but mister Dongu says we should say no.

—Girl and treatment

(The girl that is probably the miko learns, and the people she rescued are not allowed in the village.)


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