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Chapter 103 – The end of the sister’s daily life

“I said I wanted yellow!

I want more sweets!”

I yell.

I am Alice, the being loved by god known as the miko… Is what I’m told.

When I was first taken to this place they call the great temple, I had no doubts I was the miko.

No, I still think I’m special.

People have always told me I’m special, and when I was taken here as the miko, my parents looked like they thought it was only natural.

I was full of confidence too.

But lately, the priests that have always listened to me have been acting weird.

They probably think I can’t hear, but I can.

I can hear them say I might not be the miko after all.

I can hear them say that no matter how many times I say I’ll bring them divine punishment, nothing happens.

I can hear them say that even though I’m here in the kingdom of Fairytrof, the country hasn’t been getting rich and prosperous.

In fact, it’s been getting a lot worse.

I’m special and I’m beautiful, so everyone agrees with what I say, so it’s shocking to me to hear people that always agree with me saying things like that.

Everyone has always agreed with me.

It was always like that back in the village, and that didn’t change when I got here.

People that are supposed to love me are saying bad things about me.

Up until now, I’ve only heard people that always said bad things about me do that, not people that usually say good things.

It’s shocking.

It’s natural for people around me to love me because I’m special.

Sometimes there are people that say bad things because they’re jealous, but I still know I’m right.

I’m special, so all my wishes come true, is what my parents always, always said.

I’ve always felt this way, but lately I’ve been getting anxious, thinking that maybe it’s not true.

But I’m special.

I’m really beautiful.

Yes, so no matter what I demand, people will listen.

If I can confirm this, I’ll feel better knowing I’m right.

Right now, I can’t use the miko’s powers that the priests talk about from time to time, but even if I’m not this miko they call me, I’m still special.

I’m not like other people, and I’m right.

I tell myself as I feel these vague concerns, make demands, and feel relieved when they’re answered.

However, the life in the temple that I thought would go on forever suddenly changes drastically.

One day, I hear a lot of noise in the temple, but I figure it doesn’t concern me.

No matter how much things change around me, my life will stay the same.

When I was in the village, people listened to what I said, because I’m special.

Here in the temple, people listen to what I say, because I’m special.

So obviously, even if I change places, I’m still special, and my life will stay the same.

This all feels so obvious to me, but…

“Seize the false miko!”

Says a member of royalty with a nice face, who I’ve met a few times before.

My face is prettier though.

At the orders of this person I’ve never paid much attention to, and whose name I can’t really remember, the armored knights hold me.

I have no idea why this is happening.

I yell at them, asking what they are doing and if they think they can get away with doing this to me.

I’ve never felt in so much danger before.

I don’t understand.

They should listen to me if I raise my voice.

Everyone always said that’s normal.

Everyone always said what I want has to come true.

I’m special…

So why am I being pressed down It hurts, but they won’t let go.

I ask them to let go, but they just look at me with cold eyes.

Why I look at the priests, but they look at me with cold eyes too.

Why I want to ask for help, but I realize I don’t know the names of the girls that were always with me.

As I’m shocked that no one is helping me, I’m taken away and thrown into a cold room.

I’m special, and I should be able to do anything I want but… Why was I taken here if I don’t want to

False miko they said, but they were the ones that said I was the miko and brought me here, and I believed it.

They called me false but it was this country that decided on its own that I was the miko.

Even if I really am not the miko, I’m still special anyway, and I’m loved, so this shouldn’t be happening.

I think as I sit on the cold dirt floor, and scary things pass through my mind.

Could it be that I’m not actually special, and it’s not natural for everyone to hear what I say Is something that I always thought was obvious actually wrong

It can’t be.

I’m special so… I’m going to get out of this awful situation soon.

Because I’m special.

I tell myself, as I sit in this cold room.


—The end of the sister’s daily life

(The sister of the girl that is probably the miko sees her normal daily life come to an end.

What is she thinking after receiving nothing but positivity for so long)


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