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Chapter 10- Girl and the beast people – Part three

“Why are you living here”

“I was abandoned.”

“…Abandoned By your family”

“Yes, that’s right.

And then Scifo brought me here.”

“Scifo… Is that the sky horse’s name”


“So you really formed a contract… Did you… Did you also form a contract with the gryphons”

“Yes, the gryphons too.”

“…How many did you…”

“All of them.”

Gaius’s father is asking me all sorts of questions, he seems very interested in me.

He seems surprised by everything, or rather, completely perplexed.

Is he alright

All the other beast people are looking at us while we talk, and the same goes for the gryphons and Scifo.

Some of the little gryphons fell asleep.

I guess they got bored of listening to us.

By the way, Gaius is standing next to me.

Gaius’s father is shocked to hear that I formed a contract with everyone.

“…All the gryphons here”


By the way, why are you so formal”

I’m surprised because he started talking to me very formally all of a sudden.

“…I cannot allow myself to act in an improper fashion towards a being that formed a contract with gryphon gods.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

I’m not a special being that needs to be addressed so formally by Gaius’s father.

I’m probably the miko, so maybe I’m special, but hearing Gaius’s father talk to me so formally feels a little lonely.

It makes it feel like there’s a big emotional distance between us.

And he’s a lot older than me too.

The battle between Gaius’s father, who wants to be formal, and me, who don’t want him to be formal rages on, and in the end,,,

“Alright, I’ll be less formal.

Is this alright Lerunda”


I did my best and persevered, and after the battle I said.

“I want to know your names.”

I’m talking a lot with Gaius’s father, but I only know Gaius’s name.

The other four started introducing themselves.

Gaius’s father is Athos, the woman with brown hair is Sinorn, the man with red hair is Oshashio, and the men with brown hair is Dongu.

Those are their names.

“Mister Athos, do you bring offerings often”

“About once every two months.

We usually bring food and things that the gryphons seem to collect, unless they have a specific request.”

“Do you understand what the gryphons say”

“We can’t understand their words, but we can communicate more or less.”

“Why are the gryphons your gods”

“They are by far the strongest beings in this forest, and they’ve helped us make our living here in the middle of the forest.”

The gryphons are by far the strongest in the forest, and help the others and give blessings from time to time, so they’re idolized like gods.

Wow gryphons, that’s incredible.

“Where do you live mister Athos”

“Our village is about a week’s walk away to the east.”

“Can I go too”

I asked mister Athos without thinking.

I had never seen a beast person before I met Gaius, or stood in front of five beast people until now, so I’m curious.

Also, my days here in the gryphon nest have been peaceful and fun, but I’m human.

There was the issue of the clothes that the beast people brought me, but if I’m always going to live here, another problem arises.

I’m being helped by everyone, but family isn’t just about being helped and supported, I want to help them too.

If I go to their village, I might find something to do.

I want a specific goal, and I need to think about how I’m going to live my life.

Maybe I can find an objective there.

…Well, I won’t lie and say I’m not excited about seeing what kind of fluffiness I can find in a village full of fluffiness.

“To our village …I don’t mind but…”

“Thank you.

Can I… take everyone with me”

“The gryphons and the sky horse”

Mister Athos looks a bit surprised by my proposal, but I don’t want to go somewhere and leave my new family behind.

And also, we formed a contract, so I think it’s natural for us to be together.


“No, there’s no problem, but our village needs to prepare if we are going to receive the gryphons.

We also need to prepare for a human like you Lerunda.”

“Do you need to prepare for a human”

“…You’re a child so maybe you don’t know, but there are humans that don’t see us as people, and want to capture us to make us slaves.

You’re a child and you’re friendly with the gryphons, so we can’t not accept you, but some of us are going to have mixed feelings about this.”

“…That seems terrible.”

I didn’t understand at all.

I had never met a beast person, and no one talked about them in the village.

I knew they existed, but I didn’t receive that sort of education in the village.

Some people think humans are the best, humans number one, but I think it’s more fun if we all get along.

After this, it was decided that someone would come tell us when the beast people are ready for us.

As we talked, it became dark before we knew it, so everyone is spending the night in the gryphon nest.

Mister Athos and the others said they couldn’t accept at first, but ended up staying here.

I’m going to sleep with the little gryphons like usual, but this time we have Gaius with us.

I told Gaius he could sleep with us and he said no, but when I asked him again and said that it’s better if we’re all together, he agreed.

Tonight I sleep surrounded by the fluffiness of the four little gryphons and Gaius.

It’s a very happy night.

Mister Athos and the others went home the next day.

I can’t wait to go to the beast people’s village.

—Girl and the beast people – Part three

(The girl that is probably the miko makes a promise to go to the beast people’s village.)


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