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Chapter 1 – The girl is being abandoned

The miko is someone loved by god, that sometimes appears in this world.

This person is blessed by the world, and the land where the miko lives will always be prosperous, as god would never allow it to fall into ruin.

The miko also has special powers, and good fortune will befall those blessed by the miko.

The miko is someone loved by god, and a being people want in their lives.

I’m Lerunda, and I’m alone in the middle of the forest.

Up until a while ago, I had something I could just barely call a family, but I was completely abandoned by them.

The reason is simple.

When it was decided that my older sister was a girl loved by god, the miko, she was taken somewhere along with my parents.

We are twins, but I don’t look like her at all.

She is pretty to the point where people can’t believe she is our parent’s daughter.

Our facial features are different, and you can tell just by looking at her that she is someone special.

In our village, people pampered and supported her because of how beautiful she was, even though she was still a child, and thanks to her, our family was wealthy for a family of villagers.

I was treated very differently because I wasn’t as pretty as her.

I didn’t get a lot of food, so I had to get food outside the village.

Strangely enough, I was never attacked by monsters, and I always found food.

I didn’t know anything about the world outside our village, or how to survive on my own, so even though I managed to stay alive, I was scared of the outside and never had the courage to leave the village for good.

It was like my sister was a princess, and I was lower than a servant.

I was told I should just die already, but I ate well, so I didn’t.

The villagers would also tell me I didn’t deserve to be her sister, and threw things at me.

Luckily, they always missed, which made them think I was even creepier.

Other things would happen, like my mother tripping and falling when she raised her hand at me, and a snake passing by my father when he tried to kick me, which made him jump back and hurt himself.

It was thanks to this that I avoided their violence, but people started saying I was a god of pestilence, and that getting involved with me would bring bad luck.

But that day… When priests came to our house and my sister was named the miko, I wondered if I wasn’t actually the miko.

That way, it would make sense that no monsters would attack me when I left the village, and that something stopped anyone that tried to raise their hands at me.

…But in the end it was nothing more than a thought, and I had no real way of knowing.

But now that my parents told me they don’t need me, I was thrown out of the village, and I’m walking through the forest alone.

I really get the feeling that I am the miko, after all, I have been finding food and I haven’t been attacked even once.

A friendly horse even came to my rescue before my feet started to hurt.

I think the horse is a monster, because he’s bigger than the horses in the village and he’s running in the sky, but he’s a very kind horse.

While riding the horse, I’m thinking about what to do from then on.

What do I want to do

I think I am the miko.

The priest that visited us only said the miko was a girl in that house, and our parents only showed them my sister and didn’t tell them they had another daughter.

I don’t think she is the miko, but there is no way to verify if someone is the miko or not.

To be honest, I have no idea where the horse is going.

I have never seen a map, so I don’t know what we will find if we keep heading forward.

But if I really am the miko, I should be safe no matter how dangerous the place ahead of us is.

I quietly waited for us to reach our destination, but I was very surprised to see that we arrived at a gryphon nest.

The griffons treat me very well.

They share their food with me and let me ride on their fluffy backs.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, but I survived somehow, and decided to take it easy.

“… Find …Goal.”

For the time being, I guess my goal is to find a goal.

But it’s fine, because I’m sleeping with the little gryphons in the gryphon nest.

—The girl is being abandoned

(The girl that is probably the miko is sleeping among the gryphons.)


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