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Now, she couldnt accept him being replaced by an old man.

Su Sheng was no longer in the mood to think about Qiao Nian.

She was immersed in a world of collapsing faith.

“Su Sheng”

Gu Qings voice came from the side.

Su Sheng came back to her senses.

She looked up at Gu Qing and asked in confusion, “Senior Sister, whats wrong”

“Are you feeling unwell I called you a few times just now, but you didnt respond” Seeing that Su Sheng didnt look well, Gu Qing frowned slightly.

“Why dont I take you to the hospital now”

“Senior Sister, Im fine.

I was just thinking about a case I came into contact with previously.

Im just a little worried about that patient!”

“I know youre very serious when youre working, but its useless to think too much about it now.

If the patient is unwell, his family will definitely call you.” Gu Qing comforted her.

“Since they didnt call you, it means that hes fine.”

“Yes.” Su Sheng nodded casually.

Just as Su Sheng was about to retract her gaze, she accidentally saw Lu Zhu standing beside Gu Qing.

Lu Zhus facial features were very well-defined.

His facial features were well-defined, and his nose was high.

His narrow and deep eyes were like the bright night sky.

This man seemed to be the most perfect masterpiece in heaven.

There was no flaw on his face.

All these years, Lu Zhu had been the man she had yearned for day and night.

She had never expected Lu Zhu to not be Mr.

Dong Hua.

She felt as if she had fallen out of love.

However, she also heaved a sigh of relief.

At least Qiao Nian didnt harm her Mr.

Dong Hua.

However, when she thought of how Mr.

Dong Hua was an old man in his fifties, Su Shengs heart ached again.

Su Sheng wanted to leave right away, but when she thought about how Lu Zhu wasnt Mr.

Dong Hua, it meant that Qiao Nian didnt know Mr.

Dong Hua.

When Qiao Nian came out of the elevator just now, she had walked in the opposite direction.

This meant that Qiao Nian wasnt here to listen to Mr.

Dong Huas new song.

Coincidentally, she could stay and meet Mr.

Dong Hua again.

Although Mr.

Dong Hua was not the Lu Zhu in her heart, he was still her idol.

However, she regretted that she could no longer be Mr.

Dong Huas confidante.

After Su Sheng composed herself, her expression gradually improved.

She sat there quietly, waiting for Mr.

Dong Hua to arrive.

After a while, Lu Zhus phone rang.

He turned it on and took a look.

He stood up from the sofa and said, “Alright, hes almost here.

We can go to his piano room and wait for him now.”

Su Shengs heart was beating faster and faster.

She was so nervous that her breathing quickened.

She could finally see her idol.

Gu Qing nodded and stood up.

Su Sheng followed suit.

Su Sheng followed Lu Zhu and Gu Qing out.

Just as the three of them walked out of the meeting room, Lu Zhus secretary walked up to them.

With a troubled expression, he said, “Director Lu, theres a very important document here that needs your signature now.”

Lu Zhu glanced at the secretary.

Usually, the secretary would not disturb him when outsiders were around, unless it was something related to the Qiao family.

When Lu Zhu thought of the way Qiao Yu looked at Qiao Nian, his heart sank to the bottom.

He turned to Gu Qing and said, “Walk along this corridor.

When you turn left at the intersection ahead, youll see a piano room.

I have something to attend to.

You guys go over first.”

Gu Qing smiled and nodded.

“Go ahead.

Well go over ourselves.”

Lu Zhu nodded, then called his secretary back to his office.

Lu Zhu sat in front of his desk.

He opened the document and glanced at the title.

He knew that it was the piece of land the Qiao family wanted to bid for.

Qiao Yu knew that Qiao Nian wasnt his biological sister.

How could he have such dirty thoughts

His Sugar had suffered greatly in the Qiao family.

This time, he had to seek justice for Sugar.

Lu Zhu looked down at the document in his hand.

As he had to hurry to the piano room, he took a rough look and said, “Now, tell me the key points!”

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